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The Seventh Annual T&T convention was held simultaneously with the 42nd Annual PBM convention. There was no 2016 convention as we have decided to start doing them every other year. It's a lot of fun, but just too much work for me and Chuck. Please join us for the 2017 convent. The 2017 Convention will be July 21-23. Now is the time to plan to attend! Holiday Inn offers rooms inexpensively if you mention the Flying Buffalo rate when you make your reservation. More info will be posted shortly.

ACCOMODATIONS: We recommend everyone stay at the Holiday Inn Express (which used to be called the Quality Suites), 3131 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale AZ 85251. Call 480-675-7665 for reservations. Depending upon who is answering the phone, they may or may not remember that there is a Flying Buffalo event. But make your reservation anyway. If they don't give you the convention rate, let me know and I'll yell at them again. All suites have microwaves, refrigerators, coffee makers, and free wifi. (with free local phone calls). You also get a complimentary breakfast every morning, and free snacks in the evenings. Rate is $79 per night per suite (up to two people.) - just ask for the Flying Buffalo event. I've blocked ten rooms. And the hotel is only a few blocks away from The Buffalo Building. (Not really within walking distance in July, but we'll try to set up a carpool for the thursday night poker game). The hotel doesn't actually have a restaurant, but it is within walking distance of a Denny's, a Red Lobster, and an Olive Garden.

If you make a reservation at the hotel, please tell me. They always tell me that fewer people reserved rooms than really did, so I have to go over there with a list of my customers and say "This guy was from my group also". And I need at least 30 room/nights reserved or I'll have to pay $900 for the meeting room. (30 room/nights is 10 rooms for 3 nights, or 6 rooms for 5 nights, etc)

Although we didn't have a convention in 2016, some of the players sent me comments about the conventions, and I thought I would post a few.
From Martin Land:
I'm sitting here at my computer, playing a Facebook game, and started thinking about this year and no Flying Buffalo convention.

In 1984 I was in Tempe and looking for some kind of board game and found Rick's store in the warehouse district. Walked in and in the course of things, Liz invited me to an upcoming HF tournament. I showed up and felt completely out of place. Here I was; a country guy, driving an old Chevy pickup, sitting in with all these college kids. I really didn't know anyone and wasn't sure of what the "protocol" was; but I saw some guys drinking some wine coolers, so the first chance I had I drove down to the liquor store and bought a Styrofoam cooler, some ice, and a 6 pack of Coors or Budweiser (can't remember which).

There were so many people crammed into this little store, that Rick was running 2 HF tournaments and I think it was a Feudal Lords game. Two opponents in the FL tourney were really mad at each other and it carried over into the HF game, where coincidentally they ended up being in the same game. This was before you could send in replacement characters and they ended up killing off so many of each others characters, that they ended up having to cooperate in order to survive the rest of the game.

Since that weekend I have attended every HF tournament that Rick had and this would have been my 32 consecutive year. Some years Rick threw 2 tournaments in one year, so I'm not really sure of the total number of tournaments I've attended; but I have many memories of that stick out.

Riding my Norton to the games and back, which led me to make the decision that it was better to just rent a room. The first time and only time I played Feudal Lords, using a "scorched earth policy" game, and surprisingly came in at Second Place!! The one and only time I won HF; but many losses. The time I played over 100 turns in a Level 4 HF; because I was the only one playing. The monsoon threats that caused numerous interruptions in playing. I miss Rusty and I've always wondered if he's OK. My on going feud with David.. The time in Tunnels and Trolls when Frank and I "released" a captured NPC enemy. Playing a T&T game, in a Motel room and the Vampire being shot with a crossbow; when no one expected it, not even the game master. There are more; but I would have to write a book to list them all. I have an old T&T game that I ran for some friends, many - many years ago, and if I can find my notepad I would like to try and run it next year; but I'll have to see what develops. I know I have irritated some of you and been irritated by some of you; but all in all, I am going to miss not seeing any of you this year and hope that we can all reunite in 2017. Until then, I wish you all the best.

From Paul Balsamo:
I came into the FBICon picture just 1 year after that in 1985. Although I have won several trophies over the years, the 1985 StarWeb trophy is sitting right next to me on my desk (the rest are in the attic). That's the one where, on the last turn, Michael Noriega migrated robots to one of my museum worlds, but happen to first order his Iships to shoot at a key, which is mutually exclusive to the migration, so I still wound up winning. I still remember the cheers and the bear hug from Chris Waddell. Tons more memories, just like you.

For a while there, we had Rick also running an East coast convention and I was attending both each year. You've certainly got the record for attending, though. Of course, I got married, had kids and couldn't justify the $$ for the trip and missed about 20 years, but the last 2 were a lot of fun and I wish we were all there right now.

I'll certainly be there next year.

From Frank Lowther:
My first year of attendance was 1987. While most of my recollections of that Starweb game were written up and published in Flying Buffalo Quarterly, there was one notable event that wasn't mentioned; Larry Rodin's very loud response of "Go f**k yourself!" to a deal proposed by Jeff Nyquist.

Since then I've attended more Cons than I missed; obviously I've enjoyed them- otherwise why would I inflict Arizona in July on myself?

From John Dinsmore (CHUCKY):
Hey everyone, My first FB Convention was last year. I had a ball. I got to meet some of my allies in past SW games. It was great putting faces to names. I was pretty nervous when I first walked into the room and saw the players there with Rick. So I made the announcement to "Have No Fear because Chucky is Here". Everyone looked at me and thought I was nuts. Rick had a bewildered look on his face, and then I told him my name. From that point on it was like being in a family. I got to meet not only the other players in the SW game, but also those in the other games as well. It was great. Almost like being at home, or a family reunion. I am so looking forward to the next Convention that I am starting my "FB" fund now. I am going to try and get another player to come out with me. This time I will try to fly out to arrive before the card game and stay past Sunday night so that I can attend the dinner. See you all there, JD/CHUCKY

As usual, the 41st Annual FBI convention was a lot of fun. This time I changed the names of all the monsters, and the sounds that they made, just to make things more interesting for the players. Next year, we plan to make it a "mini-dungeon" for fairies, leprechauns, and gremlins! The winner this year was Frank Lowther (his picture is below - he won last year also) and second place was Martin Land.

We had a great time at the 40th Annual FBI convention. The HF tournament was a quest to "rescue" a fairy princess from a room at the far end of the maze. Two of the fairies managed to rescue themselves by carefully dodging through rooms occupied by various monsters, and reuniting themselves with the party. And two ended up getting killed.

The winner with the most experience points was Frank Lowther.

For the first time since about 1994, Chris Worrell did not come in either first or second. He had some bad luck finding appropriate monsters to take out. But no doubt he will be back next year.

The 2009 37th Annual Convention was a lot of fun. A big surprise: Chris Worrell did NOT win the Heroic Fantasy tournament. Doug Knight was first with 85,264 points. Chris Worrell was second with 72,920 points. Martin Land was 3rd with 25,668 points. Congratulations all!

The 2008 36th annual convention was held Aug 1-3, 2008 in conjunction with the 1st Annual T&T Convention. Chris Worrell was the winner again, followed by Doug Knight.

The 35th annual convention was held August 3-5, 2007 and yet again, Chris Worrell was the winner, followed closely by Doug Knight.

The 34th annual convention was held in July of 2006, and once again Chris Worrell was the winner.

The 33rd annual convention was held July 29-31, 2005
We ran only an Heroic Fantasy game, and Chris Worrell was the winner, followed closely by Frank Lowther. Everyone who attended received a free 35th Anniversary tshirt (available from Flying Buffalo for a limited time for $19.95-see below). Doug Knight played by long distance via the internet and that worked well this year. I encourage everyone to save the July 21 weekend in 2006, even if you can't fly to Arizona.

Prices: There is no charge to attend the convention. Each tournament has it's own fee.
Starweb: $99. Heroic Fantasy: $75.

If you want to pay by paypal, you can click the buttons here. Paypal will automatically tack on $5 for "shipping" so I'll make the prices $94 for Starweb and $70 for Heroic Fantasy, and if you join both, you'll end up with a $3 discount.
To join the STARWEB tournament:

To join the HEROIC FANTASY tournament:

To play 2nd, 3rd, or 4th level Heroic Fantasy games:

Click here to see your shopping cart so far, if you are going to pay with paypal.

Sign up early: if we don't have enough room for everyone in the tournament, the guy who signed up last is out of luck. All tournament fees ARE REFUNDABLE if you have to cancel at the last minute, as long as you let us know at least the day before the convention. (If we hold up the start of the tournament for 3 or 4 hours, expecting you to show up, you won't get a refund!)

Show up Thursday night or stay over Sunday night for the traditional nickel ante poker games with Rick Loomis at the Flying Buffalo offices. Buy in is $5. We'll start about 7pm.

Or send in your registration:
to rick at flying buffalo dot com

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Congratulations to all the winners.

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