After 36 years with the same post office box address, we are getting a new one (not by choice.) In 1972 I rented a post office box at the Scottsdale Main Post Office for the specific reason of never having to change my address. Since that time I have moved the physical location of FBI six times, but always kept the address, even when it was inconvenient. Now the Main Post Office is moving two miles down the road to a bigger location. Unfortunately the new post office will have a different formation of post office boxes, and there will be no box 1467. I am told by the luckless person in charge of answering furious customers (according to the paper, 40% of boxholders will have a new address) that they are required to purchase the new boxes from the current supplier, who doesn't make them in the same format nor same size as the old supplier from decades ago.

They tell me they will forward my mail (although it may take "up to ten days" to forward it) for one year, that "that should be enough time to tell all your customers." Of course that doesn't include people who found an ad in a paperback sf book that I got printed 20 years ago, and which can still be found in used book stores. Someone who is intrigued by an ad that old may well attempt to write the company, but if their letter comes back "no such address" will of course assume the company has gone out of business. Likewise I very often get letters from customers who quit playing ten or more years ago, wondering if I am still here, because they'd like to start playing again.

At any rate, note that the new address starts on Sept 27, 2008, and that only the first digit of the box number has changed. Instead of box 1467, we will be at box 8467. (I expect to be correcting thousands of pre-printed envelopes with a black pen while watching football this fall.) The zip code remains the same (and our phone number and email addresses also remain the same).

Now let us all pause for 60 seconds while we silently curse the nameless bureaucrats who inflict massive inconvenience upon their "customers" all in the name of "efficiency" (theirs, not ours).

And now let us once more give thanks for the internet, simultaneously our bane and our salvation. Anyone with access will be able to google "Flying Buffalo" and within seconds find out our new address.
Rick Loomis (Whose blood pressure is finally back to normal.)

To ask rules questions, product questions, make an order (if you have trouble with the order form), send a game turn, or make comments about our products, send to postmaster at flying buffalo dot com or Email: To report a link that doesn't work, make comments about the design of the webpage, or ask web related questions, or to send a personal note to Rick Loomis email to rick at flying buffalo dot com (please don't send game turns to Rick!) Please note that I am often out of town at game conventions all over the country. If you send a game turn, or a request for a correction on a game turn to my address instead of the "games" address, it may not even get seen for several days.

To contact us by the old fashion method:

Flying Buffalo Inc.
P.O. Box 8467
Scottsdale, AZ 85252

Phone: 480-945-6917

(We dumped our fax machine line - no one used it anymore anyway.)

To order a free catalog, or get on our email mailing lists, you can use The Flying Buffalo Store Non-secure Order Form or you can just send me an email and ask for what you want.

Other stuff:

Send us your postal mailing address and ask for a free catalog. Check whether you are interested in play by mail, or printed stuff, or both. It's all online here, but you can have a "hard copy" if you want. We do have both catalogs available online in pdf format at The Download Page.

Every once in awhile, we start an "email only" play by mail game, and on rare occasions we offer a weekend tournament with "hourly" moves. If you'd like to be on our list to get announcements such as this, just ask to be on the "email mailing list".(And if you don't mind, we would like to have a real name & address to go with your email address for the email mailing list. It really keeps things a lot less confusing around here! We don't give or sell your address to anyone else.)

If you are unable to get through to "flyingbuffalo dot com" please give us a phone call at 480-945-6917. We've gotten rid of most of our alternate email addresses.

We try to respond to all problems within 24 hours. Note that we don't keep "normal business hours". Either Chuck or Rick is often here early in the morning or late at night and on weekends and holidays. So go ahead and call if you have a problem. We'll try to help

We always send a "receipt" when we receive a game turn by email. If you didn't get the receipt you MUST call us and find out why! If you miss a turn because your email didn't get here, we won't be able to go back and do the turn over for you.

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