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NUCLEAR WAR CARD GAME: A comical cataclysmic card game for 2-6 players of all ages. A humorous confrontation between touchy world powers as each player attempts to sway his opponents' populations with diplomacy, propaganda, and finally nuclear weaponry. Little old ladies defect in electric cars and the dread SUPERGERM spreads devastation! Takes about 10 minutes to learn and about 45 minutes to play. Invented by Doug Malewicki in 1965, this game has remained popular for over 35 years. Anyone who ever had to participate in a "civil defense drill" by hiding under his or her desk in grade school, or ever had a bomb shelter in the back yard should play this game. One of the few games where it is possible to have NO WINNERS (often everybody loses!). You have to play it toNuclear War Box Cover believe it. This game's a blast! It was choosen for Games Magazine's "Games 100" for 1984. And in 1998, at the Origins Game convention in Columbus Ohio, Nuclear War won the Origins Hall of Fame award for one of the best games of all time! "The quintessential 'beer-and-pretzels' game: simple, fast, easy to learn, and loads of fun. Minimal prep time: shuffle the decks and deal." - Tim Kask, Adventure Gaming Magazine. $29.95 


We Actually recieved this letter
A First Class Machinists Mate (Nuclear) in the US Navy says: "at one point in my career we would sit onboard the good ship, USS Henry M Jackson, an ohio class nuclear submarine (trident nuclear missle submarine) and myself and friends would sit in the crews lounge and play the game nuclear war for hours and hours, and occassionaly be interupted by annoying missle launch drills. But none the less, there was your great game and a gaggle of nuclear submariners playing this game just inches and I literally mean inches away from missle tubes, which I can niether confirm or deny contained nuclear missles. This game got so popular i would occasionally be woken up to loan my game to someone, and a few times I had to sit in the wardroom and teach some of the officers and the captain to play.What an irony. ~  John B

Also known as "Nuclear Escalation Dice", one of these is included in every Nuclear Escalation or Nuclear Proliferation game. (If you did not get one with your game, you can order them separately.) Product number 6403. Price $2 each. Note that some of these glow in the dark, but not all of them, unfortunately.

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Here if a photo of the new dice.(Sorry it's a bit out of focus, but the art on the dice isn't fuzzy.) Note that they are made with a special process that sublimates the art into the surface of the die. This art isn't just silkscreened on. We think it will last for a very long time.

Special prize: at least one die has been made in a special manner that causes it to FLOAT in water. If you received the FLOATING Nuclear Misfunction die, bring it to us at the ORIGINS game convention and we'll give you a free supergerm tshirt!Nuclear War Misfunction Dice

Somewhere, we also have a picture sent to us by a soldier. Showing him and others  in a missle silo control site playing Nuclear War during their off-duty shift.
Skippy the Supergerm
NUCLEAR ESCALATION CARD GAME: intended as the 'expansion set' for Nuclear War, this game can be played separately or shuffled in with Nuclear War to make a bigger game. It brings the devastation up to date with cruise missiles, MX missiles, new Special cards, sneaky Spies, and Space Platforms.Nuclear Escalation Box Cover (And don't forget 'Skippy' the feared Super Virus). This game won the HG Wells Award for best SF Boardgame of 1983 awarded at Origins 1984 even though it is a card game! (Boxed, 148 cards plus our special "radioactive" nuclear misfunction die). $29.95 Misfunction die separately - $2


But what does that mean?

By SS Crompton

An amazing thing happened a few months ago at Flying Buffalo. Rick Loomis decided it was time to reissue Nuclear Escalation after being out of print for many years. I remembered that when we first did the art for the game in 1983, that the black & white art for the cards had been filed away somewhere in case we needed them.

After some poking around, Rick found the orginals in a big envelope that had been put up and forgotten. As I looked at the drawing I had done over 20 years ago, I struck me, that I was about to do something that few artists ever get the chance to do; have the opportunity to revisit ones own work and redo it to make it better than ever.

At the time, we had copied the art onto cardstock and hand painted them with water colors. It was the first time Flying buffalo had done full-color cards. The results were mixed. Many of the bold colors I had painted in and the sharp inking I had done looked faded and fuzzy. The cards were serviceable, but lacked the punch I had hoped they would have once they got printed.

Flash forward 20 plus years - with the original black & white art in hand, I can now scan it all in and do all the coloring in the computer, keeping all the details and making the colors bold and beautiful. Not to mention adding special effects, toning and other nice touches.

Lots of people have asked me what is means to digitally remaster a piece of card art. Now you can see the difference for yourself by seeing a side to side comparison of an original piece of art from Nuclear Escalation and what the new version looks like. This is the way I wanted to look like over 20 years ago - and now it will be.

ReMastered Spy Card
Nuclear Escalation, with the new art on the cards, will be available Feb 21. If you'd like to order a copy for $29.95,

WE Found A Few MORE!

NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION:the second 'expansionset' for Nuclear War, this explosively funny card game is for 2-6 players of all ages. Choose which world power you’ll play; Little Bittyland, Bananaland, Bermuda Triangland, Bagmad, or one of many others included. Use your country's Special Power, secrets, secrets, & propaganda to gain control of, or eliminate your enemy's population. When that fails, all out war breaks out as players launch stealth bombers, submarines, scud missiles, and fire atomic cannons at each other. Nuclear Proliferation adds special trading sessions, new secret and other special cards. A humorous look at the futility of Atomic Warfare in the post-cold war 1990’s & can be played alone, or combined with Nuclear War, Nuclear Escalation, or both! $29.95

Nuclear War Card
NUCLEAR WAR BOOSTER P ACKS: All-new set of full color Nuclear war cards, same backs, same size as the other Nuclear War cards. Each booster pack comes with 8 new, full-color ran- domly selected bo- nus cards to add to your Nuclear W ar set. New secrets, new specials new sizes of warheads, including the incredible 200-megaton bomb & the horrifying Doomsday device. (Not available in every pack.) Also each pack includes a proof-of-purchase card. For 40 proof of purchase cards, you can have a free SUPERGERM tshirt. $2 for an 8 card pack. (When these cards are sold out, we do NOT plan to reprint.)
BOOSTER PACK SPECIAL DEAL: Get all 47 cards from the booster packs, plus 33 extras, plus an extra population deck (already cut apart for you) in this hand-assembled set. Not available in stores: $35.
WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION: The newest expan- sion for Nuclear War. Includes new missiles, new warheads, and some cards that can be EITHER a war- head or a missile, whichever you need at the mo- ment. Also in- cludes deluxe population cards.
your own secrets, specials, or odd-sized warheads. Only $10 for a deck of 56 cards. $19.95


Nuclear War Online: You can play our game online at - for a low monthly fee you can play our cardgame, plus lots of other popular boardgames and cardgames with opponents from all over the world.

nuclear war cloud
Bonus Pack #1 includes 9 new "countries" not provided in Nuclear Proliferation, plus a bumper sticker, an extra population set, & some warhead cards. Only $5.
Bonus Pack #2: "The India/Pakistan War". This is rules for combining Nuclear War with India Rails from Mayfair games. You are playing India Rails, but when your opponent gets close to winning, you Nuke his railroad! Includes actual India Rail cards that can be shuffled into the draw deck, plus an orange crayon for drawing the radioactive areas on the India Rails map! You must have India Rails to use Bonus Pack #2. Only $5.

We can also sell you a copy of INDIA RAILS for $35. I highly recommend it as a family game, whether or not you combine it with Nuclear War!

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Nuclear War 40th Anniversary Edition, signed and numbered, limited to 1000 copies. Includes Nuclear War plus the deluxe population deck, plus some of the booster cards. Only $60. 
TUNNELS & TROLLS FOR iPad &/or Phone Go to Meta Arcade  You can play it FREE or pay a small amount to avoid the ads. For a rewiew check out MetaArcade. Available free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store
Nuclear War Spinner for Apple or Android
Nuclear War Spinner = Our first app is the Nuclear War Spinner! You will be able to spin it with a swipe of your finger, and the voice of Claudia Christian (you may recognize her from Babylon 5) will tell you the result. In a Russian accent yet! Coolness. Expected price, 99 cents. The spinner is available in the Android Store as well the iTunes store. Just go there and search for "Nuclear War Spinner".
2009 poker deck


Poker Decks

Origins 2014 Poker Deck

If you want to buy the deck with a particular famous game designer in it, here are the names:
2008 Deck (red and dark blue backs) - Dave Arneson, Jim Dunnigan, E Gary Gygax, Redmond Simonsen.
2009 Deck (pink and green backs) - John Hill, Duke Seifried, Tom Shaw, Lou Zocchi
2010 Deck (orange and black backs) - Rich Banner, Frank Chadwick, Marc Miller, Loren Wiseman
2011 Deck (brown and light blue backs) - Don Greenwood, Steve Jackson, Sid Sackson, Greg Stafford
2014 Deck (green and purple backs) Richard Berg, - Tom Dalgliesh, Liz Danforth, Ken St Andre
Note: Not all years have a deck
I (Rick) find a note to myself that for the first Origins "poker game" at Origins 2008, Austin Kochs of Dublin Ohio was the first person to collect a complete deck by going booth to booth and asking for card.
There is a (possibly apocryphal) tradition that the four kings in a standard card deck actually stand for four real kings of history - Charlemagne, Julius Caesar, Alexander, and King David. With this in mind, we created an "Origins Poker Deck" that was sold at the Origins Game Convention in June of 2008. The four kings are four famous game designers (Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson, Jim Dunnigan, and Redmond Simonsen) and the rest of the cards are ads from various game companies, game conventions and game stores. There were only 6000 decks printed up, and when they are sold out, they will no longer be available. We will be selling these at all the conventions I attend until they are gone. If you would like to order one of the 2008 decks to be mailed to you, use this link. They are $5 each plus shipping.
a great new way to hold boxes or books or large stacks of paper together. (Sample shown above holding a Nuclear War box together). If your game box is starting to fall apart, or if it is so stuffed with supplements, things start to slip out, or if you just want to organize your books, this is for you. Package of 6 (Large or Medium) for $5.00 USD
Package of 8 Small for $5.00 USD
Band sizes;- small (4"), regular (8") and large (10").


Pactire of a Box BandNote: Of the 4" small size, you get 8 boxbands (instead of 6) for $5.00

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