This page lists all our ongoing "bargains" where you can save money.

Why Should You Help Us Out? If you are interested in play by mail, the more customers we have, the better it is for everyone. More new opponents for you, games start faster, and there are more people to be impressed with your scores! I am going to list on this page several ways you can save money, and a few ways you can help us also. Maybe we can help each other!

Play by Mail customers:
PRACTICE GAME OF BATTLE PLAN: If you haven't played before, you can play a Practice Game for no charge.

RIFTLORDS: The first time you play Riftlords, you can have 3 free turns. This is automatic when you sign up for a Riftlords game for the first time. The rules are also free. Tell your friends.

GET A FRIEND TO PLAY: If you get a friend to join one of our games, (other than Riftlords) and he tells us your name when he signs up for his first game, we will give YOU two turns worth of game credit in whatever kind of game he signs up for (if he signs up for a $3 game, you get $6 in credit. If he signs up for an $8 game you get $16 worth).

If you have never played Starweb before, you can sign up for a FREE "Trial Game". It will only have 6 players (one of each character type) and fewer worlds, and will last exactly 12 turns and all the turns will be sent and received only by email. One of the 6 players will be an experienced player, who will try to help you out (a mentor). At the end of the 12 turns, the player with the highest score will win a coupon good for the setup fee ($5) in a regular game. If you would like to try the "Trial Game" we will need your name, email address, postal mailing address, and your preference in character type and code name (up to 9 letters). We don't guarantee you will get your preference in character type, as there is only one of each per game. And please understand that since everyone is playing for free, we might have some people sign up who never even play the game. Starweb is a game of diplomacy, so you may not get the FULL experience in the trial game. But it will give you an idea of whether play by mail is for you. More details at starweb.htm.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR RULES: most of the rules are downloadable from this site. But if you would like a CD with all the rules on it in PDF format, just send us $5.

During 2010 (which is our FORTIETH YEAR!) we are offering each customer ONE game of Nuclear Destruction at the original 1970 price of ten cents per turn (if we can send your results by email) and ONE game of Starweb at the original 1975 price of one dollar per turn (again, if we can send results by email). Just ask for the special anniversary offer. (You do still have to pay the $5 "setup" fee. 50 cents per turn extra if we have to print out the results and mail them to you.) This offer continues until I remove this paragraph from the web page!

SAVE $5: When you make payments to your game account, if you send us $100 at a time, we credit your account with $105. This is only if you spend all $105 on Flying Buffalo services and products. (Note: paypal will add $3 "shipping" to your cost, so I've listed the price as $97).

The $25 for 25 DEAL: If you send us $500 and ask for the 25/25 deal, we will add $25 a month to your game account for 25 months. This is $625 game credit for only $500, but again it must all be spent on Flying Buffalo services and products. (Note: paypal will automatically add $3 shipping, so I listed the "price" as $497.)


Details on the Lejentia books can be found at our CATALYST page

MSPE SPECIAL: The rulebook,Raid on Rajallapor, Mugshots 1 and 2, Stormhaven, and a set of character sheets, everything available for MSPE, for only $39.95.

You can find details on MSPE on our Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes page.

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