Buffalo Castle was the first solo adventure written for Tunnels & Trolls, and as far as we know, it was the first solo adventure written for any roleplaying game, and even came out before the "choose your own adventure" books. It was written by Rick Loomis in 1976 with art by Liz Danforth. As I write this, it is out of print, so I thought I would put a version of it "online". The main purpose, of course, is to get you interested in T&T and in the solo adventures, so after you have played, please check out our gamestore & catalog. I plan to publish a redone version of this "soon".
Unfortunately we are out of the rulebooks, but we will be publishing a "deluxe" edition soon.

If you are familiar with T&T, you may go right into the adventure, but only take a first level warrior. [No magic users or higher level characters in this adventure.] Whenever you are told to "roll for a WM (or wandering monster)" role one six sided die. If you roll a 1-5, nothing happens. If you roll a 6, a wandering monster appears and you must go to the Wandering Monster table. If you kill the wandering monster, you come back to where you left off. Any time you wish to stop and rest (to regain strength) for each turn that you rest, you must roll again for a wandering monster. [Someday I'll get someone who can program in CGI to put up a program that will do combat and roll for wandering monsters automatically, but until then, the honor system!] Also, here is a character card to keep track of your character. Go to this page and print out the character card before you start.

To "roll dice" you get the dice out of your Monopoly or Yatzee set, and roll them at home. Or there are numerous online dice rollers.

Each of the rooms in Buffalo Castle is numbered. If you come back to a room where you have already defeated the monster or completed the task or whatever, just roll for a wandering monster instead of following the room instructions.

If you are unfamiliar with the T&T roleplaying system, you can just read the paragraphs and make a selection. Where it says to have combat, you can "assume" you won and just go on from there. Of course, if you lose, the monster generally kills you and the adventure is over. Or if you would like to make an attempt to really play the game, go read the Combat Rules. Then you can either Roll Up A Character, or take an average generic character with no combat adds, wearing leather armor [takes 6 hits per round in combat] carrying a scimitar [rolls 4 dice in combat].

Here we go: you are facing a huge, gloomy castle with bats flying around the battlements. There are three large wooden doors in front of you. You may go in the Left Door, or the Center Door, or even the Right Door.

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(Please note that Buffalo Castle and Tunnels & Trolls are copyrighted 1976 and 1975 by Flying Buffalo Inc and may not be copied, reproduced, or transmitted without the express written permission of the publisher. Buffalo Castle and Tunnels & Trolls are trademarks of Flying Buffalo Inc. ) My thanks to William Hildreth for scanning in the artwork for me and to Michael K Eidson for the online dice roller.