(This is the Treasure Generation Table from Tunnels & Trolls, slightly modified for use in Buffalo Castle. )

To Generate a "Treasure" after defeating a Wandering Monster, and then successfully rolling the necessary number to indicate that the monster was carrying something of value:

Roll 2 dice. If you roll a 2 (snake eyes) you found a jewel (see jewel table below). If you roll a 12, you found an item (see item table below). If you roll 3 to 11, you found coins. (See coin table below. )

Coin Table
Roll one die:
1= Copper coins
2-4= Silver coins
5-6= Gold coins
Now roll three dice and multiply times ten to see how many coins there are. Note that all the coins weigh about the same, and you can only carry 100 times your strength. [i.e. if your strength is 9, you can only carry 900 coins of any type, and you must include your armor and weapon in the total amount of weight carried also.]

Jewel Table
If you have rolled and discovered a jewel, roll 1 die to determine what size it is. The symbol X is a multiplication symbol; base values of gems (in gold pieces) are given with the gem names.
1= Small; 5 x base value.
2= Average; 10 x base value.
3= Large; 20 x base value.
4= Larger; 50 x base value.
5= Huge; 100 x base value.
6= Roll again; but you also found some coins. (Roll on the coin table too.)

Type of Gem:
Roll two dice again, but first designate one of the dice as the "first die" and one as the "second die".
First Die Second Die Name Base Value
1 1-2 Quartz 1
1 3-4 Enamel 2
1 5-6 Topaz 3
2 1-2 Garnet 4
2 3-4 Turquoise 5
2 5-6 Amethyst 6
3 1-2 Ivory 7
3 3-4 Carnelian 8
3 5-6 Opal 9
4 1-2 Fire-opal 10
4 3-4 Aquamarine 11
4 5-6 Jade 12
5 1-2 Serpentine 13
5 3-4 Pearl 14
5 5-6 Ruby 15
6 1-2 Sapphire 16
6 3-4 Diamond 17
6 5-6 Emerald 18

Item Table:
Roll one die:
1= You have found a steel cap. It takes one hit of damage per combat round. (If you already have full armor, this doesn't help you any more. It's worth 10 gold pieces if you sell it.)
2= You have found a small dagger. It gets two dice in combat. (It is a poniard). It is worth 10 gold pieces.
3= You have found an expensive jewelled dagger. It isn't much good in combat (1 die, plus 1 add), but it is worth 500 gold pieces.
4= You have found a jar of smelly ointment. It turns out to be insect repellant. If you smear it on your body, for the rest of the adventure killer bees, spiders, and any other insects or arachnids will ignore or avoid you. (You can still attack THEM if you want.) One application will last for one adventure, as long as you don't go swimming. There is enough ointment for 3 applications.
5= You have found a strength potion. If you swig it down during (or just before) a combat, you can add 10 to your strength (and thus add to your "adds") for up to 5 combat rounds. If you try to drink this potion DURING a combat make a 1st level "Saving Roll" based on your luck. If you make it, you safely drink the potion. If you miss it, take as many additional hits as you missed your saving roll by. (But at least you now have +10 strength).
6= You have found a healing potion. If you drink it, you can add up to 10 points of Constitution back. (But you can't make your constitution more than it was when you started.) You cannot drink this potion during combat.

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