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  All catalyst products are presented without game mechanics of any kind; the nature of things, their causes and effects, NPC (non-player character) personalities, and everything else vital to good gaming are fully described. Game Masters need only supply the appropriate game statistics to the people, places, or devices described to adapt them easily into their games. Please note that these are NOT books that are really intended for some particular game that "can be adapted" to other systems. These are genuinely for ANY fantasy or medieval role-playing game system. Look for the "Catalyst" trademark.
Grimtooth Pin

  At Gen Con 2018 we released a limited edition Grimtooth enamel pin. We still have a few left for $10 each.
City of the gods-Map PackAvailable now: CITY OF THE GODS MAP PACK
Ever wanted to take your players to meet the gods? Now you can with the City of the Gods Map Pack. Usable with any role-playing system this product presents a realm where all the gods of Earth reside; Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian, Celtic, Asian and many other Pantheons all dwell in this mystical realm. The City of the Gods is where they all meet, plot, plan and fight for dominion.

The Map Pack includes:
11 x 17 full color detailed map of the City of the Gods. 20 page book that describes over 105 places in the city, details on the world of the Gods and 54 scenarios the GM can use to incorporate his existing game into the City of the Gods. Full color map of the realms of the Gods. 18 full color NPC cards of gods and citizens from the City. 32 page signed City of the Gods Comic. Plus a booklet with a chapter from the City of the Gods novel. Product Number # 8555     $19.95 add to cart button
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  There are now seven books in the Grimtooth line. These are some of our best selling books and are not only useful, but are hilarious to boot! Several have been digitally remastered and reprinted recently.

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We licensed another company to do a HARDBACK version of the "Wurst" of Grimtooth's traps. This book includes traps from all 7 of our original books, plus D20 conversions. And we have some for sale:

Only $35
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GRIMTOOTH’S TRAPS: the first book of 101 deadly devices and sinister snares, from the grimly cheerful claws of the great Troll, Grimtooth himself - delvers beware! 64 pages.
To order:($14.94)  add to cart button
( It is currently selling on Amazon used for around $25 and new for $1000 - Webmaster's Note)
Grimtooth's Traps 1Also available the pdf version of "Grimtooth's Traps" from DriveThruRPG or E23.
GRIMTOOTH’S TRAPS TOO: 101 more engines of evil and bemusement for the befuddled! Room traps, Corridor traps, Door traps, artifacts, etc. 96 Pages! (Includes the original 80 pages, plus 16 new pages) $14.95. . To order: add to cart button
You can get a pdf version of "Traps Too" from DriveThruRPG Grimtooths Traps Too

GRIMTOOTH’S TRAPS TREE: NOT AVAILABLE. These traps were so horrible, an unnamed secret agency bought up all copies, the printing plates, all file copies, & the reprint rights; fire-bombed the printer & forcibly drafted all the authors. [unavailable at any price]

GRIMTOOTH’S TRAPS FORE: More horrible than a nightmare, more feared and loathed than the IRS, Grimtooth the troll has returned with another collection of traps to try men's souls and mangle their bodies. TRAPS FORE contains over 100 civil rights violations never before seen outside certain South American countries or the frozen wastes of Western Siberia. So, just as the brave adventurers out there thought they had danced their way through the last of Grimtooth's previous offerings, and started whistling songs of good fortune, the Piper has come to be paid again. 80 pages. Digitally remastered, with some new art. To Order  $14.95 add to cart button
You can get  a pdf version  of "Traps  Fore" from   DriveThruRPG for only $4.95
 Also available for Kindle from Amazon
Grimtooth's Traps 4






MAPS 2 - Places of Legend: