If one of these conventions is not running your favorite Flying Buffalo game, offer to run one for them! We would be happy to offer a prize.

Note: We could always use help when we are at a convention. See Convention Help

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This page last updated: July 30, 2018

Date.. Location Convention Address Attractions Contact
Aug 2-5, 2018 Indianapolis IN Gen Con 2018 at the Convention Center Nuclear War tournament, Lost Worlds Tournament. Rick Loomis will be there. Webpage
September 14-16, 2018 Torun, Poland Copernicon - First Polish T&T Tournament
October 25-28, 2018 Essen, Germany Spiel 18 Messe Essen Convention Center Rick Loomis will be there. Webpage
June 12-16, 2019 Columbus, OH Origins '19 at the Columbus Convention Center Nuclear War tournament, Lost Worlds Tournament. Rick Loomis and Mike Stackpole will be there. Webpage
July ???, 2019 Scottsdale, AZ Flying Buffalo's 45th Convention Hotel Valley Ho Lost Worlds Tournament, T&T events, Rick Loomis, Ken St Andre, Steve Crompton will be there. Maybe also Liz Danforth, Bear Peters and Michael Stackpole Webpage

Also, Steve Jackson Games has a great CONVENTION LIST that lists lots more game conventions than we do.
And here's a listing of UK Conventions

Here's another one: Game Convention Central

CONVENTION ORGANIZERS PLEASE NOTE: If you have a convention (especially one that is going to run a tournament in one of our games) and you would like us to list it here, please send the details (as above) to rick at flying buffalo dot com
We need the DATES of the convention, the NAME of the convention, the CITY it's in, the actual LOCATION (Podunk Ramada Inn, Fort Ord Enlisted Mens Club, University Student Center, etc), which of OUR GAMES you are going to run tournaments in or demos in (Nuclear War card game, Lost Worlds, Tunnels & Trolls), and the address a potential attendee should contact for more information (email, phone #, snailmail, webpage, etc). And if you would like us to send you tournament materials for Nuclear War and/or Lost Worlds, or free stuff to give away, be sure to include a SHIPPING address. And please don't put us on any mailing lists. We really don't need monthly updates about how your convention plans are going, unless we are going to be guests at the convention.

Speaking of being guests, I (Rick Loomis) like to attend new conventions. If you'd like me to be a guest at your convention and personally run tournaments and give seminars, contact us.

Disclaimer: the above material is supplied as a free service, using information supplied by the conventions or by volunteers, and no warranty of any type is implied or offered. We hope all the conventions will happen as planned, but we do recommend you contact the convention directly before travelling to it, rather than just showing up based on the information provided here, alone. We don't have the resources to check them all out individually.

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