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IMPORTANT:Although some of the pictures below show multiple dice, you are ordering and paying for ONE die unless it specifically says "pair" or "set".
New dice available:

Hamburgers, Pizza , Chicken, Mexican food, Fish, or Asian food?

The Fast Food die is available for $1.50

The Weather die is available for $1.50

Pizza Dice!
A pair of six sided dice, one with all the meat toppings, and the other with all the veggie toppings. Next time your gaming group is trying to decide what kind of pizza to order, just roll these dice! The old version of these dice was just words painted on. The new, current version is molded with pictures. Available now for $2 for the pair!

GRIMTOOTH dice!In the Grimtooth Traps books, we measure how 'deadly' a trap is by how many skulls it is marked with. You can use this die to help choose which trap to greet the delvers with. Only $1.50

HIT LOCATION dice!We used to have a color version of this, but our new version is molded, not painted on. Use this die to determine where a delver was hit. Only $1.50

ADVENTURE DICE: This set contains 7 six-sided, 5/8" dice that are perfect for ANY role playing adventures:

Set of 7, in a baggie. Only $7.50.

Here is the new artwork for the door dice:

During the course of our recent successful kickstarter, we created new "Nyaah missed my vital spots" dice, and "Demon Head" dice.
We made three colors of Nyaah dice and three colors of Demon head dice in limited editions just for our backers. They are:

Sorry, you cannot buy the above dice from us. They were all ordered in advance by our backers. But we did make two colors of each die to sell to the public (that's you!).

Purple Nyah Dice: Product 262 Retail price $1.50 each.
Sadly this one is sold out.

Orange Nyah Dice: Product 261 Retail price $1.50 each.
We do have a few left of this one.

Black "Demon" Dice: Product 259 Retail price $1.50 each.
Unfortunately this one is sold out too.

Lustrous Black "Demon" Dice: Product 260 Retail price $1.50 each.
These were really popular. We didn't make enough of them!


This is a die to determine who gets to play first in whatever game you are playing. If the guy with the cane comes up, the oldest player goes first. If the baby comes up, the youngest player goes first. If the finger pointing at you comes up, the person rolling the die goes first (we suggest letting someone whose age is in the middle get to roll the die). If the "ABC" comes up, the person whose name is first alphabetically gets to go first. If the $ comes up, the person who owns this copy of the game gets to go first. (If it's a borrowed copy, the owner of the DIE gets to go first!) And if the arrow comes up, whoever it is pointing at gets to go first. Yes, I know you don't NEED it, but like many cool gaming accessories, it's just fun to have. We released this at ORIGINS 2010, and it retails for $2.95. The art (and the idea) are by Jason Siadek, and the dice made by Q-Workshop in Poland.
Specify which color you want: white, black, red, yellow, green, or grey/beige
To order Decision Dice for $2.95 (plus postage):

They come in six different colors. You can specify which color you prefer, but we don't promise to have any of that color left.
The new shipment of Decision Dice is here, and for the moment I have all six colors available. (As of October 25, 2012)

Sad news: HIT LOCATION DICE. Click here to read about our "hit location" dice, which are unavailable for an undetermined amount of time. We think we'll have them again soon, but we don't know for sure.

ATTENTION! Weather Dice are available again. (See "Adventure Dice Sets below)

KODT dice: $2 each. Regular 3/4", six-sided dice with the five characters from Knights of the Dinner Table on five sides, and "Hoody Hoo" on the sixth. Dice are in FULL COLOR, and the art is sublimated into the surface of the die, not painted onto the outside. Product #254
Above is the artwork. Here is a photo of the actual dice. It's a little out of focus, but I think you can "get the picture".

DICE OF WRATH no longer available. The untouchable trio plus one have killed a swack-iron dragon, and are dividing up the loot. You get to help decide who gets which goodie! Game includes five of the above KODT dice, plus a scorepad and rules. OOP product #255.

(Knights of the Dinner Table and KODT are trademarks of Kenzer & Co and used with permission)

DEATH DICE tm: Regular 5/8" six-sided dice with a special skull design instead of the "1". Great for "Squad Leader" or for rolling up "Wandering Monsters".

NEW!We now have two NEW colors of Death Dice: Black with yellow dots, and white with red dots.

Colors usually available: Black w/white spots, Black w/red spots, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Violet, Transparent, or "Gem" Red(out), Gem Green (out), Gem Yellow, Gem Blue, Gem Pink, Gem Orange, Gem Purple, Clear, and Smoke.
Black with white spots all out. Not sure if we will get more. Not all colors may be in stock at any one time--if your color is unavailable a different color will be substituted unless you specify otherwise. - $1.50 per pair. or $4.50 for a tube of 5 assorted colors in a reusable tube with the rules to the game "skulls".



To buy a tube of 5 assorted colors:

If you would like to see the rules to "Skulls", a game by Rick Loomis that can be played with two "Death Dice, click on link to Skulls.

SPECIAL DEATH DICE tm: Glow in the dark, -(sorry out of stock)

"Lightning" Death Dice where the spots and the skull glow in the dark: Gem Red(out) , Gem Green, Gem Blue (out), Gem Yellow, Gem Purple (out), - $1 each.
‘Elemental’ Death Dice: Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Jungle Camo, Desert Camo, - $1 each.
NOTE: Other death dice above are priced at $1.50 a pair. The 'lightning' and 'elemental' dice are priced at $1 EACH.

Pictured above are the "water", "jungle camo" and "desert camo".

ANOTHER NOTE about the special death dice: I only have in stock the ones on the menu below.


ELEMENTAL DEATH DICE SET: Air, Fire, Earth, Water, as above, plus a "weather die", plus rules for using elemental death dice to roll up the terrain for an adventure, in a reuseable tube, - OOS. (Unfortunately out of stock )

GRIMTOOTH'S DICE OF DOOM. This set contains one Grimtooth Die, one Trap Die, and three Death Dice (assorted colors), plus rules for several things you can do with them. $7.50

You can also get an individual Grimtooth Die for one dollar. To order it click here. This is the old style with the picture painted on, not the engraved one mentioned above. But it's only $1.

To buy an individual adventure die: Note these are the old style with the artwork painted on.

Dice type

MONSTER DICE: The dice of random encounters. A totally new way to generate monster encounters. The five dice set will include three dice (each in a different color) of eighteen different creatures ranging from bats to dragons. The monsters are divided into easy, tough & dangerous. One die rolls to see which type of monsters your group will meet. Another die allows the GM to see how the monsters react to the adventurers (scared, friendly, neutral, suspicious, hostile, berserk attack.) Comes with instructions in a re-useable tube: - $7.50
Here is a color photo of the monster dice:

Here's a better photo:


Fortune-telling dice for any role playing. This set of five dice, for any role playing system, has runes for all the sounds of the alphabet and 2 mystical meanings for each die face. These are great for casting your adventurers’ future or can be used by a player character who has ability to fortell the future. Great for quests. Also can be used to name characters. Comes with brief instructions in a handy, reuseable tube. - $5.95 (Unfortunately we are temporarily out of Rune Dice.)


By Nancy Loomis. Goes in-depth into the meanings and forecasting abilities of the Runedice. Learn how to cast your friends’ fortunes or your own. Gain deeper insight into yourself. 80 pages. Price used to include a set of Runedice, and came in a box for $14.95 but we are out of the dice. You can buy a copy of just the book for $10.

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