This page is a list of downloads that you can download to your computer, and then print out. Some of the materials listed below are in PDF format. To view and print them, you'll need a copy of Adobe Acrobat--if you don't have one, you can download it for free from Adobe's Homepage.

This page last updated Jan 12, 2006 and seldom needs updating.

Our Play by Mail catalog
The latest copy of our play by mail House Rules
Our Blade or Printed Materials catalog
A Color copy of Our Blade or Printed Materials catalog
A zipped copy of the HF rules.
A pdf of the Battle Plan rules
A pdf of the MOBIUS I rules.
(Note: The Mobius rules are very long. The pdf is 18 megabytes. You might be better off ordering the CD of "all our rules" for $5, which will include the MOBIUS I rules and everything else. If you'd like to order it go to the store. )
A pdf of the STARWEB rules.

You can find all the information from our catalogs on these webpages, but if you want to print out a copy of one of our catalogs, here they are.

Tunnels & Trolls Downloads
Tunnels & Trolls 7th edition Character Sheet

Lost Worlds Downloads
Here we will post free scenarios and such for Lost worlds.
These are the general rules for using miniatures in Lost Worlds play:
Scenario General Rules document
These are the movement rules:
Movement card

Here is a free scenario for use with Lost Worlds (you will need the SKELETON and the WRAITH characters): The Curse of the Tarbela
Tarbela Map
(you will need both the map and the scenario)

Note: we are interested in more scenarios that use various Lost Worlds combat books. If you write a scenario using the general rules above, send a copy to me at the address below. Since we'll be giving it away for free, we can't pay you for it, but we'll include your name in the credits, and give you a Lost Worlds tshirt.


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