Itís true. There really are flying saucers. And robot sea monsters. And orbiting mind control lasers. Renegade Nazis in South America are plotting the Final Reich. The Pod People have infiltrated the local police. Jim Morrison lives. (So do Janis and Hendrix, but they work for the opposition.)

Congress is controlled by the Mafia. The Mafia is controlled by Moscow. And Moscow is controlled by the Little Green Men. The Cattle Mutilators are trying to take over Hollywood. The Chief Justice is a clone. The Kudzu Planters have captured South Africa. The Commies are out to take over the world. And so is everyone else.

ILLUMINATI starts with this simple fact: ALL of the really paranoid conspiracy theories youíve ever heard are true. Some people suspect whatís happening, but only a few know the REAL truth. You are one of those few. The Illuminated Ones. The masters of the 24 great conspiracies which are struggling for control of the Earth. Using your power, influence, and agents, you probe, infiltrate, and subvert, adding groups to your power structure, destroying organizations and whole nations. You conspire with your fellow Illuminati to dismember anotherís empire - and then move swiftly to block the knives of your friends. Only the strong and subtle will survive. Only the strongest and cleverest will reach the ultimate goal: WORLD DOMINATION.

The mechanics of Illuminati are a bit different from all our other games. In all the other games all the moves are processed simultaneously. Illuminati moves are processed one at a time. You may be aware that there was a hiatus in the operation of this game. We ran it for many years, and then let the license lapse. Steve Jackson Games has kindly licensed it to us again, but now we are going to run it slightly different than before. Previously, your turn was processed on the day it arrived, rather than on a particular "due date". This added to the wonderful chaotic nature of the game, and made it hard to "miss a turn". But we are going to use the "restart" of the game to change things somewhat. The old system gave a huge advantage to anyone who could submit and receive his game turns by email. However now we expect most players to participate by email rather than postal mail. We will be dividing our players into "email" and "postal" games. (A postal player simply cannot compete with an email player). And all turns will be run on the "due date", same as our other games. Since the turns are run sequentially rather than simultaneously, we will shuffle the turns and run them in random order. You will be able to specify whether you want your turn processed among the "first half" or the "second half" of the orders (in order, for instance to make sure your turn is processed before or after an ally's turn). And once during the game you may specify to have your turn run "before anyone elses" or "after everyone elses". If two people specify the same turn is to be run "before anyone elses" we will randomly determine which will be run before the other, etc. Please understand that unlike our other games, because someone else's turn (attacking you) may have been run AFTER your printout was created, some of the groups you give orders to this turn may no longer belong to you. This is very chaotic and adds to the atmosphere of "no one knows what's REALLY going on".

We will be running the email version of the game every two weeks, and the snail mail version of the game every three weeks. We may offer occasional faster versions of the game, and such announcements will be made to our mailing list.

ILLUMINATI is the official, licensed play by mail version of Steve Jackson Games popular ILLUMINATI card game. At the Origins game convention in 1986, ILLUMINATI won "Best Play By Mail Game" of the year.


For now, anonymous and intermediate Illuminati will be email only, every two weeks games.

Rules cost $2. Setup fee is $5. Turns are $4.75 each.

Illuminati and the all-seeing pyramid are registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated and are used with permission.

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