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Flying Buffalo has been made the USA distributor for games from Gottick Games of Sweden.

Retailers and distributors can contact rick at flying buffalo dot com for info.
Consumers can find me at various game conventions around the country, or buy them here:

For the moment, we have only one:

Comrade Koba, Directors Cut

The play mechanics remind me a lot of Family Business (tm) from Mayfair Games, and Guillotine (tm) from Wizards of the Coast.

"Koba" was one of Josef Stalin's nicknames taken from a Caucasian bandit in a romance novel. Comrade Koba is a simple and furious card game of political survival in the era of Soviet history known as "The Great Terror".

The players are all trying to purge their enemies from the Party while keeping their own comrades alive and close to Koba's throne.

As it is based on a true story Comrade Koba will make you eager to learn more about modern history. Something that can not be bad in this day and age.

For 2-4 players ages 12 and up. Playing time 30-40 minutes. Rules in English. Components 36 color cards and one rulebook. You will need one or two 6-sided dice to play. Designed by Anders Fager and illustrated by Patrik Hulten.

Sadly we are all out of Comrade Koba, and there seems to be no way to get more. Gottick Games has gotten out of the game business, and we don't have permission to reprint the game. It really is a fun game, and educational too. I'm going to ask, but I doubt I'll get permission.

Super Market Psycho

You just wanted some milk! But now it is all about survival. Suddenly all the people in the supermarket look strange. And they stare and they scream and they push and they are everywhere. Will you crack? Wil you make it out alive?

Supermarket Psycho confronts you with the real life horror of supermarket stress. Will you be the first to snap and - to the other player's amusement - go crazy. And will you make them pay in the ensuing food fight?

A card game for 4 to 5 players, ages 8 or up. Playing time: 30-40 minutes. Rules in English. Components: 55 cards, one rule-book. Designed by Anders Fager & Konkarong. Illustrated by Anders Fager & His Funky Friends. $17.

To purchase Supermarket Psycho for $17 plus shipping, click here.

Note: we have very few copies left, and like Koba, we won't be able to get more.
Meanwhile here is a link to a "Clue" style scoresheet for Supermarket Psycho: Scoresheet

Outside the USA customers probably can get it cheaper directly from the Gottick Games website at

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