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The Flying Buffalo Mailing list:
I have two email mailing lists: the "play by mail" list, and the "printed products" list. You may sign up for either or both. The "play by mail" list is where I make announcements about new game variants, games about to start, play by mail news, and so forth. The "printed products" list is where I announce new releases, items reprinted, items out of stock, and so forth. I usually announce what conventions I will be attending on both lists.

I send an email to each list no more than once a month. I do not sell, rent, lease, or give away my list to anyone else. (If I mention someone else in a message, it's because it is something I think you might be interested in). My messages generally do not contain attachments, graphics, or very many links (if any). You can be removed from the list(s) at any time merely by replying to one of my messages with "no longer interested".

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I would like a free play by mail catalog (or you can download a pdf of this catalog at pbm cat)
I would like a free catalog of printed products(or you can download a pdf of this catalog at the downloads page)
I would like a free copy of the rules for the Riftlords play by mail game
I would like to be on the mailing list to receive notification of play by mail news
I would like to be on the mailing list to receive news about your printed products (check this one if you want to hear about the new edition of Nuclear War)

Our address:

Flying Buffalo Inc.
P.O. 8467
Scottsdale, AZ 85252

Phone: 480-945-6917

(no fax machine)

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