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MERCENARIES, SPIES & PRIVATE EYES: Designed by Michael Stackpole.

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This is contemporary role playing at its best. The name says it all: the adventurers are flinty mercenaries, suave spies, gumshoe detectives, and more. The system is easy to handle and complete, with nearly 100 skills for character development, an extensive weapons list, and a detailed section about how to run mystery & crime scenarios. Rulebook only, $19.95.
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(Unfortunately the "boxed set" is all sold out. Buy all the parts ala carte, or see the special at the bottom of this page.)

The Adventure of the JADE JAGUAR: Solitaire adventure for MSPE. The revolutionaries stalk you through the steamy jungle, but you slip past. Then, suddenly youíre facing a jaguar - so huge it would dwarf a Bengal tiger! And if thatís not bad enough, itís a brilliant shade of green! Includes conversions to allow it to be played with the Hero System. Unfortunately sold out.
You can get a pdf version of "The Adventure of the JADE JAGUAR" from DriveThruRPG
or from E23

MUGSHOTS I: Case of the Pacific Clipper by Dave Arneson. Itís 1937 & youíve been hired to find out what has been happening to the clipper plane fleet. Is it sabatoge, revenge, or worse? Suspects include the Japanese, a madman, aliens, & secret organizations with hidden bases. Includes characters, places & situations that can be used as a GM adventure after the solo adventure is over. $8.95
(I firmly believe this is one of the best solo adventures ever written!)

MUGSHOTS 2: Taking Care of Business by Michael Stackpole and Deb Wykle. A book of numerous Contemporary Characters and 30 detailed maps of places for any modern role playing game. Also includes a short solo adventure for MSPE. $9.95.

STORMHAVEN: Gamemaster materials for contemporary role playing game adventures set on Savage Island in Lake Champlain. Stormhaven contains two booklets: one describing the buildings, people, procedures and adventures, the other of maps and floor plans. Statistics to allow use in both MSPE and Espionage! campaigns are included plus 23 Cardboard Heroes (tm) created for this package. This adventure won the 1984 HG Wells Award for Best Role Playing Adventure of 1983. (for info on the origins awards click here) Written by Michael A Stackpole. $7.95.


RAID ON RAJALLAPOR: Gamemaster adventure for 4-6 players. The job seemed easy enough: raid a heavily guarded estate in India and steal a valuable statue. Your employer seems confident of your success, perhaps too confident! $4.95

MSPE CHARACTER FOLDERS: Package of 20- sorry, all out.

IDENT-A-KIT: fingerprint kit for use with modern role-playing games like MSPE. Includes stick-on fingerprints for use as "clues". Unfortunately, all sold out.

MSPE SPECIAL: The rulebook, Raid on Rajallapor, Mugshots 1 and 2, Stormhaven, everything available for MSPE for only $39.95.

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