These are new Nuclear War cards that are not in any of the games:

the "Fold in Space" and
the mad scientist.
the 250 megaton warhead

and the brand new "Damping Field"

The fold in space allows you to have extra cards in your hand, as long as they are "special" cards. The mad scientist gives you a 50/50 chance of TRIPLING the damage a warhead does (but if you fail, it is a dud.) The 250 megaton warhead kills 60 million people. The damping field gives you a one turn protection against any nuclear explosions. They are $3 each if you buy them here, $2 each if you buy them at a convention!

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To purchase Damping Field click here.

You can get the 200 megaton card, and the UFO Technology (that doubles the carrying capacity of one missile) for $3 each.

To purchase the 200 megaton card:

To purchase the UFO Technology card:

Flying Buffalo's largest game distributor is Alliance and last fall they had their annual open house. To honor it and them, we produced a new Nuclear War card, the "Forced Alliance" card.
To purchase the Alliance card:

The new Trade Show card is not yet available. I will be GIVING AWAY copies to any retail store who drops by my booth at the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas in March 2017 and I will be giving TEN of them to any store that gives me an order while at that show. I will be selling them here in April, but if you want one sooner, ask your favorite retail store guy to attend GAMA Trade Show and visit my booth!

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