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News: 2015 is the FIFTIETH anniversary of the original publication of the Nuclear War card game. Doug Malewicki first published it in 1965. If you want to hear about all the new things we are creating, you should sign up for my mailing list!

More news: we created a "Supergerm" pin for the Pin Bazaar promotion for Origins 2018. We did not quite sell them all at Origins, so we will sell the remainder here. I only had 300 of them made, so they are rare. $10 each. Or you can get them at Gencon if any are left.

Sadly I seem to be out of the Supergerm Pin. I might have a few at Origins in June.

Here is the new box art for the 50th Anniversary Edition:

The new box for Nuclear War actually glows in the dark! Yes, really! And the game now includes full color deluxe population cards.
To buy a copy for $39.95:

For those fans who want a super deluxe experience, we created a nice, limited edition (numbered) wooden box to put the special anniversary edition in. Here is a picture of the first prototype of that wooden box. Note the peace/war slider to make it easy to remember whether propaganda cards work! It was released in a special limited edition to kickstarter backers. At the moment, I do not have any copies to sell.

By the way, here is a picture of the original box from 50 years ago:

We have started posting fan created "games combining Nuclear War with some other game". See This Page for details.

For a long time, fans have been able to play an authorized version of our Nuclear War card game online at gametableonline. Sadly they and their webpage have gone "on hiatus". If/when it comes back, we will let you know.

BIG News:
We have created an app for iPhone and Droid - it's the spinner from the Nuclear War card game below. You swipe your finger across the screen to start it spinning, and when it stops, the voice of Claudia Christian (you may know her from Babylon 5) will tell you the result (in a Russian accent!). It is available now in the Android Marketplace. Do a search for "Nuclear War Spinner". only 99 cents. And then please give it a review and rating! For iphone, go to this link or go to our page


NUCLEAR WAR CARD GAME: A comical cataclysmic card game for 2-6 players of all ages. A humorous confrontation between touchy world powers as each player attempts to sway his opponents' populations with diplomacy, propaganda, and finally nuclear weaponry. Little old ladies defect in electric cars and the dread SUPERGERM spreads devastation! Takes about 10 minutes to learn and about 30 minutes to play. Invented by Doug Malewicki in 1965, this game has remained popular for over 40 years. Anyone who ever had to participate in a "civil defense drill" by hiding under his or her desk in grade school, or ever had a bomb shelter in the back yard should play this game. One of the few games where it is possible to have no winners (often everybody loses!). You have to play it to believe it. This game's a blast! It was chosen for Games Magazine's "Games 100" for 1984. "The quintessential `beer-and-pretzels' game: simple, fast, easy to learn, and loads of fun. Minimal prep time: shuffle the decks and deal." - Tim Kask, Adventure Gaming Magazine. (Boxed, 140 cards and spinner). - $29.95

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any of the four games (War, Escalation, Proliferation, and WMD) can be played by itself.

To order the classic Nuclear War card game: (note: I am out of the classic edition. I don't know how long it will be before I have more. I will shortly be selling the 50th Anniversary edition for $40. Meanwhile, both Escalation and Proliferation are available, and can be played without the basic game).

SOMETHING NEW for Nuclear War: Above is a photo of an actual Titan II Missile Base control panel. The picture was taken at the Titan Missile Base Museum and given to us with permission to use it. We've set it up as the playing mat for Nuclear War and have printed a bunch of them on cardstock. We'll be happy to sell you as many as you need for $1 each. (You want six of them, yes?) Eight of them are included in the 50th Anniversary Edition of Nuclear War (above)

We also have a "rubberized" version of this playmat. I'm not sure what the material is (neoprene?) but it is the kind of stuff they make mouse pads out of. It makes a great mousepad, and will make your opponents in Nucwar very jealous. You can get one now for only $12.

Another exciting new product for Nuclear War: Supergerm Gamer Badges! If you have made change for 25 million people, you have earned the Supergerm Gamer Badge. Only $3 each either as an iron-on or velcro. To get an iron on gamer badge:
To get a gamer badge with velcro:

You can get lots of cool gamer badges from our good friends at JBM Press: Badges

INDIVIDUAL NEW NUCLEAR WAR CARDS are not available in any of the games: buy them here for $3 each:
New Nuclear War Cards.
MAD SCIENTIST: thinks he can triple the power of one of your warheads, or is he crazy?
FOLD IN SPACE: Allows you to have additional 'special' cards in your hand.
250 MEGATON WARHEAD: Released at Origins 2015. Only the MX Missile and the Space Platform can carry it!
DAMPING FIELD gives you one full turn of protection from nuclear explosions.

BREAKING NEWS:We have been out of the Nuclear Misfunction dice that were included with Nuclear Escalation and Nuclear Proliferation for quite some time. (A six sided die with a nuclear cloud for a "one" pip) We have found a new source, and they are available again. The initial batch are ruby red. There will be more colors soon, including the infamous "glow in the dark" ones! Meanwhile you can order one of the red ones for $1.75 if you like. One also comes inside any copy of NE or NP you order now.

To buy one of the Ruby Red misfunction dice for $1.75:

To buy one of the "Glow in the Dark" (radioactive?) misfunction dice for $2:

We are out of the Ruby Red misfunction dice at the moment. Please check back later for them.

IMPORTANT NOTEabout the misfunction dice: the ones we have now are not "inked". That means the numbers are hard to read unless you fill them in with a Sharpie "fine" pen. This will be true of the individual ones we sell above, and the ones included with the Nuclear Escalation and Nuclear Proliferation games.

The NUCLEAR WAR CARD GAME won the Origins Awards HALL OF FAME on July 4, 1998, as one of the best games of all time! (for info on the origins awards click here)

We always have the annual National Nuclear War Card Game Tournament at the annual Origins Game Convention.. Be sure and attend if you can, because we always give away a great prize like a Supergerm watch or alarm clock, that can't be bought in stores. We also occasionally run an email Nuclear War tournament over a weekend. If you want to be in the next one, go to our store page (link at the bottom of this page) and ask to be on our email mailing list.

Here is the giant spinner that we use at the Origins Game Convention (in Columbus, Ohio). Photo by Roger Bechtel.

Both the Nuclear Escalation and Nuclear Proliferation games described below are supposed to come with a "Radioactive" Nuclear Misfunction die (just a 6-sided die with a mushroom cloud instead of a "one"). For awhile we had a new "Nuclear Misfunction dice". These have full color pictures on all six sides, including supergerm and supervirus as the two spots on the "two" side! Ack! We have run out of these, and not sure when or if we can get more. If you buy a Nuclear Escalation or Nuclear Proliferation right now, you'll get one of the misfunction dice mentioned above, which has a nuclear cloud instead of a one. Sorry!

NUCLEAR ESCALATION CARD GAME: intended as the `expansion set' for Nuclear War, this game can be played separately or shuffled in with Nuclear War to make a bigger game. It brings the devastation up to date with cruise missiles, MX missiles, new Special cards, sneaky Spies, and Space Platforms. (And don't forget `Skippy' the feared SuperVirus). This game won the H G Wells Award for best SF Boardgame of 1983 awarded at Origins 1984 even though it is a card game!

(Boxed, 148 cards plus our special, "radioactive" die.) - (Note: it has been REPRINTED in 2006 - with brand new art on the cards! Includes an anti-missile vs missile chart for all four games.) (for info on the origins awards click here)
Price $29.95 To order Nuclear Escalation:

To read a short article about the new artwork and see a sample, click here.

To see some of the cards (B-1 bomber, Minuteman, MX, Titan) click here.

Note that there is a titan missile in the Nuclear Escalation game. You may not realize it, but they turned a former titan missile silo into a museum near Tucson, Arizona. You can actually go down into the command center and turn the key that would have launched a 9-megaton warhead at one of three targets. (The crew was only told "target one" "target two" or "target three". The actual destination was top secret.) This is a real site, not a simulation. See their website at And they sell Nuclear Escalation in the gift shop!If you visit southern Arizona on vacation (Tucson, Tombstone, OK Corral, Kartchner Caverns, Pima Air & Space Museum) the Titan Missile Museum is WELL worth the trip. The tour takes about an hour.

NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION: the second `expansion set' for Nuclear War, this explosively funny card game is for 2-6 players of all ages. Choose which world power you'll play: Little Bittyland, Bananaland, Bermuda Triabland, Bagmad, or one of many others included. Use your country's Special Power, secrets, top secrets, & propaganda to gain control of, or eliminate your enemy's population. When that inevitably fails, all-out war breaks out as players launch stealth bombers, submarines, scud missiles, and fire atomic cannons at each other. Stop attacks with patriot anti- missiles, stealth fighters, decoy missiles, saboteurs, and other special cards. Includes one of our special "Nuclear Misfunction" dice, which may glow in the dark if you get one of the lucky ones. Nuclear Proliferation adds special trading sessions, new top secret and other special cards. It's a sarcastic, humorous look at the futility of Atomic Warfare in the post-cold war 1990's, Can be played by itself, or combined with Nuclear War, Escalation, or both! - $29.95
Nuclear Proliferation won the Origins Award for Best SF Boardgame of 1992. (for info on the origins awards click here)

Sorry, we are temporarily out of Nuclear Proliferation. Not sure exactly when we will have more.

NUCLEAR WAR, NUCLEAR ESCALATION and NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION now have NEW ART on the cards. The backs are the same as all the other cards, but there is new art on the faces, and we are including TWO NEW optional cards for Nuclear War. You can see them on This Page Please note that all of the cards are now in full color.

THIRD EXPANSION for Nuclear War: Weapons of Mass Destruction! (WMD). If you are looking for the rules to combine WMD with Nuclear War or the other expansions, click here.
Note:WMD has sold very well, and we are out of the second printing. I'm not sure when we will be able to make the third printing. You can order it now, if you want to be sure and get a copy, but please be aware it might be 6 months (or more) before we are able to ship it to you.
To preorder Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) for $19.95:

You can no longer buy the "population deck" from WMD separately for only $10. But we ordered extra copies of the new population deck from the 50th Anniversary Nuclear War. It has 55 cards instead of 40, and all the cards are in color. A great deal for only $10.
To order a deluxe population deck:

CARDLIST for Nuclear War, Escalation, and Proliferation.
NUCLEAR WAR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An amusing LETTER we received about Nuclear War (it's a bit fuzzy but I think you can read it).

Another FAN EMAIL we received about Nuclear War.

This page shows some photos of some special fans playing Nuclear War at a Naval Base.

NUCLEAR WAR BOOSTER PACKS: All-new set of full color Nuclear War cards, same backs, same size as the other Nuclear War cards. Each booster pack comes with 8 randomly selected bonus cards to add to your Nuclear War set. New secrets, new specials, new sizes of warheads, including the incredible 200-megaton bomb & the horrifying Doomsday device. Sorry, no longer available. We have finally run out of these, and do not plan to reprint them.

BOOSTER PACK SPECIAL DEAL To get an "almost complete" set of many of the 47 cards from the booster packs in this hand-assembled set click here:Almost Complete Set (We really can't even assemble an "almost" complete set anymore, so the best we can do is an "assortment of booster cards". See me at any of the many conventions I attend, and pick out individual booster cards for 25 cents each!)


Note: If you buy a lot of booster cards, you will end up with a lot of cards you don't need, and perhaps wonder what is a good "Card Mix." We have a discussion of that in the Nuclear War Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

INDIVIDUAL CARDS: If you have found most of the cards, but just need one more (see the cardlist link below), we will sell you any one specified individual card for $3 or $8. Specify which card you need in "Comments". Unfortunately we can NOT sell you the two new cards that are now in Nuclear War individually for $3 each. In order to get them, we'd have to break open a pack and throw away the other cards. You can buy JUST the MISSILE deck from Nuclear War for $10.00 and this will include those two new cards.
To buy an individual card (specify which one in "comments") other than the "super rare" ones:

Note: Do not try to buy any of the "super rare" cards listed on this page without writing first and asking if that card is available. To buy a "super rare" card for $8, click here:

To buy just the Nuclear War missile deck and get the two new cards:
Note: we are out of the Nuclear War missile decks. You can make a preorder, and we'll ship it to you when we get more, but it may be several months. I'm not sure just how long that will be.

You can now buy a BLANK DECK of Nuclear War cards. This is a deck of 56 cards, with the backs the same as all the other Nuclear War cards, but the faces completely blank. Make up your own secrets. Add odd-sized warheads. Replace missing cards. Confuse your friends. Only $10 per deck.

We have put together two packages we call Nuclear War Bonus Packs #1 and #2. They are primarily for sale at conventions, or directly from us. We just put them in zip lock bags, so they aren't necessarily going through the regular distribution channels.)

In Nuclear War Bonus Pack #1 you get 9 new countries (different from the ones in Nuclear Proliferation), plus 5 warhead cards, plus a set of population cards, a bumper sticker, (To see some of our bumper stickers, click here.) and a "player assistance chart" that reminds you how many population to deal, how space platforms work, what spies do, and which abms shoot down which missiles or bombers. Only $7 (plus the usual postage and handling.)
IMPORTANT NOTE: This bonus pack was created with the old-style white population cards that you have to cut apart. The price is not enough to cover the cost of the new deluxe population cards. If you want Bonus Pack #1 but with the NEW population cards, see "Bonus Pack #3" below!

Nuclear War Bonus Pack #2 (also known as INDIA/PAKISTAN WAR) is the rules for combining our NUCLEAR WAR CARD GAME and Mayfair Games' INDIA RAILS. You play India Rails, but whenever you draw a 'load' card, you may draw a special card (provided in the bonus pack) that allows you to draw a Nuclear War card. If you end up with a combination of Nuke War cards that fits (missile and warhead) you can Nuke a city that will delay your opponents. Included in the bonus pack is an orange china marker so you can mark the radioactive areas on the board (no one can build rails there). For $7 you get the rules, 15 cards, and an orange crayon to mark the 'radioactive' areas of the map, (and an extra set of population cards, which you don't need to play this variant, but you can always use a fresh deck of population cards).

Nuclear War Bonus Pack #3:
NOTE: Bonus Pack #3 is just Bonus Pack #1 plus the $10 deluxe population deck.
To buy Bonus Pack #3 for just $15:

Above are samples of the cards as they have appeared over the years. The leftmost pair are from the original Black Box set by Doug. The second set is the first Flying Buffalo version in all black & white. The third set is Flying Buffalo's first color set. And the fourth set are the cards as they look now!

NUCLEAR WAR COUNTRY LISTS (from Nuclear Proliferation and the bonus pack #1)
NUCLEAR WAR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
A LITTLE NUCLEAR WAR GAME HISTORY Samples of previous editions
FLASH! NUCLEAR WAR CARD GAME 40th ANNIVERSARY signed and numbered special limited edition! Click on for details.
To see an assortment of Nuclear War pictures click Here.
If you have an interest in the "Effects of Nuclear Weapons" take a look at this strange page: ????

You can get Supergerm or Supervirus on a tshirt, clock, mug, or other merchandise from our cafe press store at

NUCLEAR WAR COMPUTER GAME: New World Computing released this one-player computer version of the Nuclear War card game, but now it is available only from US. In this game, you play against 4 computer opponents, all of whom are parodies of famous world leaders (you get to choose from 12 potential opponents). It's a funny, fast paced game that you can play in about an hour and will want to play again and again. Nuclear War is available in IBM format on a CD. You get a scanned copy of the manual. This program is a DOS program and should run on any computer that lets you run a DOS program. No longer available in an floppy disk or AMIGA version.$10.

If you need a price list of available Nuclear War Parts click here.

Just as an interesting side note, I have a friend in Indonesia who was an exchange student a couple years ago. She has translated the Nuclear War rules into Bahasa Indonesian for me. If that's your language, you can find it here: Indonesian Thank you Ika Rizky.

And here they are in German. German Thank you Vinyu Dhiraket.

By the way "This is the secr*t word" = UNKARWE. (See the home page for information on the s*cret word.) If you are one of the first few people to send me an email (send to rick at flying buffalo dot com) telling me the secr*t word, and giving me your postal mailing address, I'll send you a free bumper sticker. If you don't win the bumper sticker, but would like a free catalog, just say so. Please, one free bumper sticker per person. Note: if you don't send me your name & address, I can't mail you a bumper sticker! (Note: I realized if I actually spell out secr*t word, someone could find it using a search engine, without actually searching through my webpages. (Tsk, tsk). So I stuck an asterisk there instead of one of the "e's". But you know what I meant!)

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