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If you are a retailer, and want to sell our box bands, send me an email to rick (at) flying buffalo (dot) com (no spaces).

Pizza Dice!
A pair of six sided dice, one with all the meat toppings, and the other with all the veggie toppings. Next time your gaming group is trying to decide what kind of pizza to order, just roll these dice! And maybe Lady Luck will shine on you and you'll get your favorite toppings! $2 a pair. Sorry, pizza dice no longer available.

THE BUFFALO TALE: I purchased the "Bards Tale Construction Kit" and made up a "Bards Tale" adventure using the Flying Buffalo offices and employees. Meet Lee and Chuck and Lisa (and me, Rick). See my boojum tree. Exterminate the termites and evil "dust bunnies" in our offices. Explore the notorious Flying Buffalo "basement" that doesn't really exist (a very old "in" joke). See the controversial "pots" on the Phoenix freeway. Rescue my ex-girlfriend from "program bugs" and "hardware problems". Drink Mountain Dew. And be the 2nd person to finish the game, get the password, and win a prize from Flying Buffalo. (Yes, after all this time, only one has done it! Second one who does gets a free tshirt also. But even if you're the third or fourth, we'll give you a bumper sticker for your effort.) The game is actually fairly difficult at first, until you build up to 3rd level so you can cast spells that destroy a bunch of monsters at once. (The termites are especially difficult if you can't kill a bunch all at once). Then it's easy for a long time, until the very last monster. You really have to build up before you can tackle the final monster. Anyway, send $10 for this one and ask for "The Buftale".
For some reason this hasn't attracted much attention. If you are an FBI fan or a Bards Tale fan, you ought to pick this up just for grins. As of November 2005 I am still willing to give away prizes to anyone who tells me the "password" from winning this game.


a great new way to hold boxes or books or large stacks of paper together. (Sample shown above holding a Nuclear War box together). If your game box is starting to fall apart, or if it is so stuffed with supplements things start to slip out, or if you just want to organize your books, this is for you. Package of 6 for $5.
NEW INFORMATION: we now have MORE SIZES. You can order small (4"), regular (8") and large (10").
Click here for small (you get 8 instead of 6):

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The Fiddleback Trilogy by Michael A. Stackpole:

This trilogy of techno-horror novels by New York Times bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole is finally available in one set. These novels, which were originally written to support GDW's 'Dark Conspiracy' game line, have aptly been described as "the books that Phil Dick and H.P. Lovecraft would have produced from a collaboration" because of the combination of a dark future with terrifying monsters. Packed with action and spiced with a touch of humor, these novels can be read alone or combined into one long pulse-pounding saga of a handful of stalwart individuals fighting against ancient horrors intent on the conquest of the Earth.

Michael A. Stackpole is the award-winning game designer who is best known for novels set in the BattleTech=AE universe and his New York Times bestselling Star Wars=AE X-wing series. Fans of those books will find in the Fiddleback Trilogy Stackpole's signature fast-paced style and page-turning delivery, making these books a must!

A Gathering Evil; Evil Ascending; and Evil Triumphant (what a set of names, yes?). Originally sold by GDW for $5 each, Flying Buffalo is offering all three for $10. (Plus the usual postage & handling of course). We're not going to reprint these, so get them before we sell out.



Game designers deserve their own trading cards too! This was the precurser to my Commemorative Poker Decks.
Set #1 and Set #2 are 75˘ each. Set #3 and Set #4 are in color, and are $1 each. (Each Set #1 has the same cards as each other set #1. But get them now, while they’re all still available!). Set of all four: $3.50 Oops. Too late. We don't have any more of set #2. But you can get the three remaining ones, plus I will throw in a deck of my Commemorative Poker cards as a bonus.


Man against machine in a race for survival! This board game for two players is a tactical space conflict game based on the novels & stories by renowned SF and fantasy author Fred Saberhagen. The fearsome robotic dreadnoughts from deep space race toward Earth in their attempt to destroy the birthplace of mankind. Fighting against extinction is a hastily gathered force of much smaller human ships. Includes full-color die-cut counters, optional rules, campaign rules. - $6.95. (Berserker is a registered trademark of Fred Saberhagen.)

Note: after we published the Berserker boardgame, we came out with a SECOND EDITION of the rules. If you have the game, but don't have this second edition addition, you can go here. But if you buy a copy of the game from our website, you will get these extra rules already included.


You command armies & magic in relentless conflict in this fantasy boardgame. Either East or West can win by military or by magic forces. Armies of mounted and foot soldiers and fleets of ships contest victory by capturing key places. But even a military victory depends upon control of magic. As magic releases powers of earth, air, water, light and fire, the wizards grow in strength, volcanos erupt, storms sweep the mountains and the seas, and creatures of magic join the struggle for both sides. When all five charms are assembled, the completed Pentantastar is a dangerous weapon. For two or four players ages 12 to adult. Playing time approximately 2 hours. - Boxed, contains 173 counters, 72 cards, 5 charms, 2 tables cards, rulebook, The Story of the Pentantastar. Sorry, OOP.


A newsletter about the wargaming world in general. Contains information about game conventions, clubs, game reviews, opponents-wanted ads, and more. In 1990 Wargamers Information won an Origins Award.

For more information on the Origins Awards you should check out this link.

Published extremely irregularly, available only by subscription. - 12 issues for $4. If you want a paper copy mailed to you, $4 gets you 12 issues. If you want it sent to you by email, $4 gets you a lifetime subscription. Mention in comments whether you want the email version or the postal version.

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