If you read below, you will see that we didn't know how to charge overseas customers more than $3, so you had to add it to your order. Well, (ahem), I figured it out. When you check out, paypal should charge you the correct amount according to your country. I think. If it charges you way too much, I will refund some. If it doesn't charge you enough, I will send you an email asking for a little more.

Also, I had to list every country where I might ship an order. If I failed to list YOUR country, please send me an email and let me know. I'll add it the first chance I get. (I think I've included every country that I've ever gotten an order from, and then some!

You can ignore all the stuff below this line, unless you need it shipped to a country I haven't listed.

To all customers outside the USA: Our Paypal shopping cart is very handy, but we have not yet figured out how to tell it "charge a flat rate unless the customer is outside the USA". So paypal is set up to automatically add $5 postage. This is only for orders that are to be shipped to a USA address. For outside the USA, it will be $3 plus the following:

We have here a "button" to add an "overseas postage" charge of $8 to your "shopping cart". Please click on it once if you are in Canada, twice if you are in Europe, and three times if you are in Japan or Australia.

Our overseas price used to include a cheaper "surface mail" option, but recently the US postal service decided to do away with surface mail. It costs more now, but at least you'll get your games sooner.

However if the ONLY thing you are ordering is a CD, one or more PBM rules, or a pair of dice, you can just add one $3 postage charge here:

If you would rather pay the exact postage cost, you should pay with a credit card instead of with paypal, and I'll charge your card just what it costs me plus $1 for the box or envelope. Click on the "Flying Buffalo Store" button below.

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