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The following special will be available all during the year 2010. In 1970 I started moderating/refereeing the first commercial play by mail game: Nuclear Destruction. I charged ten cents per turn (this was when postage was 8 cents!). In celebration of our 40th Anniversary, I am going to offer everyone ONE game of Nuclear Destruction for the 1970 price of ten cents per turn. Likewise when we first offered Starweb in 1975, it was one dollar per turn, so I am also offering one game of Starweb for one dollar per turn. (Note: this is if we can send your results to you via email. If you want them sent postally, there will be an additional 50 cents per turn charge to pay for the postage and the envelope. Also you still pay the $5 'setup fee' at the beginning.) You can find the rules to Nuclear Destruction and the rules to Starweb here on our website. Be sure and mention that you are signing up for the anniversary special.

2010 is our 40th Anniversary, and our pbm convention will be our 38th. We haven't run a Starweb tournament there in several years, and we think this year would be a great year to do so. Please consider coming July 22-25, 2010. We will start the Starweb game on thursday, and the other games on friday. It is a big milestone, so would be a great time to come get reaquainted with some old friends. If we have fewer than 15 Starweb players, we'll use a reduced map to make the game play faster.

It has been our practice to run all games the day AFTER the due date. However, LIZARDS! games are run by our United Kingdom partner and he runs them ON the due date, so remember to get your turns in BEFORE the due date! Don't wait until the last minute and gamble on missing a turn.

We have gotten rid of our separate fax phone line. Virtually no one was using it. If you must get your turn in today, please either email it, or phone it in to 480-945-6917.

LIZARDS! is once again available. We will be running it only by email. You'll get your turn by email as a pdf, and you will submit your orders on the webpage. Read more about Lizards! at

We are changing the pricing slightly for colonies in Riftlords. The current rules say we will charge you an extra 25 cents per turn per colony, unless you are getting the "short version" of the printout, in which case it is 10 cents per turn per colony. That's changing to "unless you are getting the short version of the printout, or you are getting your printout via email".

Don't forget, July 31-August 2, 2009 will be the FBI PBM convention in Scottsdale. Come and play Heroic Fantasy with hourly moves!

Please remember that we ALWAYS send an email receipt when we get an email turn (to the address from which the turn was sent!). If you do not get the receipt, SEND YOUR TURN AGAIN. Do not send us an email asking "Did you get my turn yet?" It doesn't cost you or us anything to have a second or third copy of your turn. But if we are getting ready to process your game, and all we have from you is an email saying "Did you get my turn?" it is too late for us to email you and say "No, we did not get it, please send it again." Receipts are sent every morning, usually around 11am. (Not instantly.)

New Variant for World Wide Battle Plan Real Forces: "Lesser Forces". Play a small power, in a game where the super powers are not played. Go to the Lesser Forces page for details. Turn fee is $5

NOTE FOR ANYONE playing BP, GC, SW, or WW: After you are eliminated or drop out of a game, you may continue to get EMAIL printouts if you wish, for no charge. For BP and WW you will get the world news (combat results) and for GC or SW you will get reports on worlds your former position still holds. (For apostles you would get reports on worlds where you have converts.) Just tell us that you want the free printouts. Note: This does NOT apply if we give your position to a standby player.

Craig Delahoy has created an online FBI PBM Discussion group. Those of you who would like to participate in an online forum about our various games, please go to
He's got it set up for rules discussions, strategy discussion, and discussion of specific games. (Note: don't post messages about your anonymous games!)

We have posted an article about an anonymous World Wide Battle Plan game played in the past. To read it click here.

Instead of "Beginners Battle Plan" we are now offering a free PRACTICE GAME of Battle Plan. Go to the battle plan page for details.

Watch this space -- we expect to be able to offer the pbm Illuminati game again shortly.

Our 35th annual pbm convention will be August 3-5, 2007. We'll be playing STARWEB and HEROIC FANTASY. Click here for details.

We now have the World Wide Battle Plan map (the big one) online here. It's a big one (about 1.4 megabytes) and too big to be printed out on a normal printer. But if you need to look at the map, there it is!
And if you want to buy a hard copy, you can get five for $4

We now have a list of all the Starweb "reserved names" available on the website here. .
And it is now possible for us to automatically send copies of your printouts/results for any game to multiple email addresses instead of just one, at no extra fee. All you have to do is ask.

You can now purchase a copy of all our pbm rules on a CD for only $5. This will include the rules for Covert Operations, Feudal Lords, Galactic Conflict, Mobius I, Nuclear Destruction, Riftlords, Starweb, and World Wide Battle Plan. Just order "All the PBM rules on CD."
Or you can purchase it through paypal by clicking here:

You can also get the Mobius I Rules online now- go to the downloads page.

STARWEB now also has the free pre-processing of your turns, if sent in by email, as mentioned below for BP and WWBP turns. Note, however, that some orders are not checked for errors, (specifically multiple world moves) because you could use that to get information to which you are not entitled.

We now have the Battle Plan South American Map online, where you can print it out whenever you need it: South American map)

If you have lost your map for World Wide Battle Plan, or have any questions about which space is adjacent to which other space, there is a connections list here.

NEW For The Holidays: A PERSONALIZED PRIVATE GAME. See the Private Game Page for more details.

New FREE service offered for players of Battle Plan and World Wide Battle Plan.
As you may know, if your game's due date is today, that means we will process the game tomorrow morning. Effective immediately, when a BP or WW game is due, sometime on the morning of the due date we will do a "pre-processing" of the game, including all the turns received so far by email. Everyone who is getting his or her results by email will receive an email from us on the due date either stating that no orders have been received from you yet, or listing the orders received, and any error messages. This will give you time to correct the errors, and/or remind you to get your turn in by tomorrow morning. There is no charge for this, and it is automatic as long as you are receiving your turn results by email. (Please note that if you phone or mail or fax your orders in, you will get a "no orders received" message, as this applies only to turns received by email.)

New pricing for MOBIUS I: Instead of three variants of MOBIUS, we are going to offer only two - the two-week email game, and the slow (monthly) game. If you want to play by postal mail, you have to sign up for the slow game. The email games will all have 88 worlds on the map instead of the usual 60, and there is a flat turn fee of $7 per turn instead of the variable fee of the postal game. See the Mobius page for more details.

Flying Buffalo Games Nominated for Origins Awards! The Origins Awards are a very prestigious set of awards given out at the Origins Game Convention every July by the Academy of Adventure Games Arts & Design (a group of game designers, editors, and artists). Each year they nominate the five best games in several categories, and the public is invited to vote on the one they think is the best. If you go to you can vote on them for this year (but you have to do it by June 10th, 2002). You can vote for any or all categories (you don't have to vote in all of them).(You don't have to join the mailing list, but you do have to provide a valid email address). Please vote, but please vote only once. Three of our games were nominated for "Best PBM of 2001" category: Starweb, Riftlords, and Heroic Fantasy. Also our Knights of the Dinner Table dice were nominated for "Best Game Accessory of 2001".

For a limited time, we are going to try offering a free sample game of Starweb. If you have never played Starweb before, you can sign up for the "Trial Game". It will only have 6 players (one of each character type) and fewer worlds, and will last exactly 12 turns and all the turns will be sent and received only by email. One of the 6 players will be an experienced player, who will try to help you out (a mentor). At the end of the 12 turns, the player with the highest score will win a coupon good for the setup fee ($5) in a regular game. If you would like to try the "Trial Game" we will need your name, email address, postal mailing address, and your preference in character type and code name (up to 9 letters). We don't guarantee you will get your preference in character type, as there is only one of each per game. And please understand that since everyone is playing for free, we might have some people sign up who never even play the game. Starweb is a game of diplomacy, so you may not get the FULL experience in the trial game. But it will give you an idea of whether play by mail is for you. (Note: if you HAVE played Starweb before, and would like to be a mentor, let us know. You get to play a trial game for free, but you are expected to help the beginners figure out the game, and make it a pleasant experience for them. As the mentor you will be either the merchant or the artifact collector.

STARWEB WINS ANOTHER AWARD! Once again Starweb has won the "Best PBM Game of the Year" award from the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design. These are the "Origins Awards" given away at the national Origins Game Convention every year in Columbus, Ohio. We won a beautiful statue, and as soon as I figure out how to make my digital camera work, I'm going to post a picture of it. Meanwhile, in honor of our victory, I am going to offer one more special game of TIME TRAVEL STARWEB. We're going to do it slightly different this time. Any time during the game you can ask us to do a turn over - but it will cost you 1000 victory points. If you have 1000 points to burn, you can have us run the turn again, but YOU get to submit new orders for the turn after seeing what everyone else did! After a turn is run, everyone has one week to look at their printouts and decide if they want to "time travel". If anyone does, that person gets to submit new orders and everyone else waits for a new printout. If more than one person asks for a "time travel" on the same turn, all those who spent 1000 points will get to submit new orders, and everyone else waits to see what happened. (Note: this also includes the final turn!). You have to send and receive your orders by email, and the turn fees will be the same as normal (if we do a "time travel" turn, only the person or persons doing a the time travel will be charged the turn fee). But sign up now - we may only start one game.

NEW PRICES: As of Jan 1, 2001, we are going to charge a slightly higher fee to anyone who doesn't send their turn to us by email. We are never going to abandon the postal only players, but realisticly it costs us more to print out a paper turn, stuff it in an envelope, and mail it by postal mail. For a complete listing of the new prices go to newprice.htm.

You can now download a complete copy of our PBM catalog in PDF format. Just click Here!
STARWEB Ratings Now Online! We have published the "ratings" for Starweb games for decades in our magazine FBQ. Now we are including this information on our webpage. We plan to update it each time a game finishes. Click here to see the latest Starweb Ratings

New Map for Covert Operations Click here to see a copy of the New Map. Also we can start a Private Game of Covert Operations for you for a flat fee per player. You can have it once a day, or run on a specific day or days of the week. You can also have any number of players (up to about 150) and you can use your own map with any number of spaces (also up to about 150 or so). For more details on private games of COVERT OPERATIONS, click on the "private game" link right below.

We now have a page online to explain how to start a PRIVATE GAME of any of our pbm games. And we at last have the Battle Plan Map online for you.

New Game! We are ready to start our new online game (PBEM only) called "Covert Operations". You can read the rules online. $5 setup fee, and 50 cents per day, or a flat fee of $25 per game, no matter how many turns it takes. What we are trying to produce is a game that you can play every day, but one that isn't so complicated it is a burden to play every day, plus if you miss a turn or two it won't handicap you fatally, as that will just give you more money and orders to use on later days. However, you can sign up for a daily game, or a game with turns twice a week. There is a Strategy Article online to give you some ideas. The map online at the moment is the playtest map, and will soon be replaced with a similar one that looks nice!

Here is a nice convenient list of all our pbm rulebooks which are currently online in html format for your perusal:
More of our game rules online for your viewing pleasure:
Rules and victory conditions for 1939 World Wide Battle Plan.
Battle Plan
And the connections list for the WW map can be found here
And the complete WWBP map can be found here
Covert Operations
Election Year
Feudal Lords
Feudal Lords Map
Galactic Conflict
Heroic Fantasy
Mobius I
Nuclear Destruction
Nuclear War

FLASH! STARWEB won the Origins Award for best PBM game of the year July 4, 1998 at the Origins National Game Convention in Columbus Ohio.

The first Riftlords player has reached the ONE BILLION CREDIT mark. Tony Pandin in RL-7 has a ship value of 1,002,994,580 for his ship "Thor's Hammer". Congratulations, Tony!

Special Starweb Variant: Last year we ran one game of "TIME TRAVEL STARWEB" and we'd like to try it again. It's an interesting little variation, but you can only play it by email. It plays the same way as regular Starweb except that once during the game, each player is allowed to go back and have us RERUN a turn with new orders for him, while everyone else has the same orders used as before. Thus you get ONE chance to make a move with perfect knowledge about what everyone else is doing. You can save your RERUN in case you miss a turn, or in case an ally backstabs you, or you can use it early for extra information. Sign up now, as we can only have 15 players, and we may not offer it again.

You can get the instructions for how to email your game turns to us, by sending an email to formats at flyingbuffalo dot com. This is an autorobot, and should reply immediately. But if for some reason it isn't working, you can find a copy of the email instructions Here.

We have started putting the Riftlords Ratings online. Check this page after each turn has been run to see the complete list of the ship values.

New Starweb Feature: Effective immediately, Starweb now has a "greeting" that you can set up to be given to your opponents on the turn that you meet them. (Except for Anonymous games, of course). You can have up to two 78-character lines, which you can change from time to time. This would be where you announce your name, phone number, address, or email address.
New Starweb Winners Pin: We finally ran out of the Winners Pin that we have been giving away for years to winners of Starweb games. When we went to order more, we found they had lost the artwork. Since we had to do it over, we made something new. If you figured you didn't need to play Starweb anymore, since you already won a game and got a pin, you now have a reason to join a new game! You need one of the NEW pins!

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