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Shipping is $5 per order for anywhere in the USA. Outside the USA depends on what country.

NOTICE:I have started putting "add to cart" buttons on this page, but haven't gotten around to putting them on everything yet.
If something is listed with a price, but there is no "add to cart" button, it is available with a button somewhere on these webpages. If it's too much trouble to hunt it down, just send me an email and I'll tell you where it is. Or just paypal the amount needed to postmaster at flyingbuffalo dot com and tell me what you need! Or send me a credit card number with expiration date and your shipping address. Or phone us. We'll work with you! We are a small company, and we don't keep regular business hours either, so you can call evenings or weekends or on a holiday and someone will probably be here. (Important: if there is no price, just OOS or OOP, then don't try to buy it - that means I don't have any.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have some price changes coming up effective for all games started after Jan 1, 2001. Click HERE for the new price structure. Meanwhile:
All games except for Election Year, Lizards, and Riftlords have a $5 "startup fee"> Rules are NOT included with startups. Please buy the rules BEFORE signing up for a game. A package of all the rules to all our play-by-mail games in hard copy is $8. Or you can get them all on a CD for $5. Prices for separate rules are: Starweb, Heroic Fantasy, Feudal Lords, & Galactic Conflict $2 each. WWBP $3. Mobius I $5. Riftlords rules = free. Turn sheets are provided with turns, but you can buy extra ones, 10 for $2. There is no extra charge for slow games, but there is an extra charge for airmailed turns. If you want your pbm turns sent to you by email, in addition to the postal snail mail copy, it is $1 per turn for most games, $1.50 per turn for WW. We can send your turn by email INSTEAD of by snail mail for no extra charge.

To buy a package of all the rules in hard copy:

To buy a cd with all the rules on it:

BATTLEPLAN: $5 startup, $3.50/turn ($4/turn after turn 10) Beginners, Slow, Partners BP: same as regular extra BP maps: 10 for $2 BP and WW use the same rules, different map.

COVERT OPERATIONS $5 startup, 50 cents per turn, or $25 flat rate for entire game paid in advance.

FEUDAL LORDS: $5 setup, $3.50/turn.

GALACTIC CONFLICT: $5 startup, $3.50/turn

HEROIC FANTASY: $5 startup, $3 per turn

LIZARDS!: no longer offered

MOBIUS I: $5 startup.
Postal game is 10 cents per order, standing orders free; min. $8/turn, max. $12/turn, maps: 50 cents per page (turns once a month)
Email game is $7 per turn, as long as you email your orders and get your results by email. 5 cents per order extra if you postally mail your turn.

NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION: $5 startup, $2.50/turn

RIFTLORDS: Free setup, first 3 turns free, then $4 per turn for 3 ships, $1 per turn for each additional ship, every 6th ship free.

Regular SW: $5 setup, $4.50/turn; turn fee increases 50> every 10th turn. Anonymous, Slow, Partners SW: same as reg. SW. Multi & Slow Multi-SW: $5 setup, $8 per turn.
To reserve a Starweb code name: $20

WORLD WIDE BATTLEPLAN: $5 setup. Equal Forces, : $5/turn, raises 50> every 10 turns. Anonymous, same as Equal Forces. Real Forces: $2 to $9 per turn, see rules. 1939 WW: $4/turn for minors, $8/turn for majors extra maps: large - 1/$3 or 2/$5, reduced - 10/$5

OOP means "Out of Print and Not Available"
Please don't write and ask if an "OOP" item is available. If it were available, we wouldn't mark it OOP! And if I find a copy that I am willing to sell, I will announce it in "this weeks' special".
OOS means "Currently out of stock but we hope to have more soon.

4-way rubber bands specify size: small (4"), Medium (8") or Large (10") 6 for $5
(note: small size perfect for two-deck card boxes, medium for games like Nuclear War or Empire Builder, large for Monopoly or Axis and Allies)


Ace of Aces Rotary Series 75.00
(the new hardback, reprinted version)
Ace of Aces Flying Machines OOP
(Soon to be reprinted, we hope!)
Adventure Dice Set OOP
Adventurers Compendium (Solo and GM adventures) $14.95
Amulet of the Salkti (T&T solo) $8.95
Amulet Salkti/Arena of Khazan (T&T dbl solo) $6.95
Arena of Khazan (T&T solo) 8.95
Balloon Buster (Ace of Aces) OOP
BATTLE BOOKS (Lost Worlds) regular full color (Cpt America, Citizen, Darkchylde, Elektra, Gambit, Iron Man, Rogue, Spider Girl, Storm, Thor, Vampirella, Witchblade) Sorry OOP.
Battle School (T&T Solo adventure) $5.95
Battle Tech Lost Worlds books (Locust, Rifleman) $4.00 each

Battle Tech Lost Worlds book, Griffin, Warhammer OOP
Battle Tech Lost Worlds Terrain Cards Basic Set and Urban Set, each: OOP
Berserker (board game) $6.95
Beyond the Silvered Pane (T&T solo) $8.95
Beyond the Wall of Tears (T&T solo) OOP
Blue Frog Tavern OOP
You can now get an official pdf version of it from DriveThruRPG
Body Die (see Hit Location Die)
Buffalo Castle (T&T solo) $8.95 (or you can play it on our webpage) Buffalo Castle
Buftale (Scenario from Bards Tale Constr. Kit) $10.00
Captif d'Yvoire (T&T solo) $8.95
Captif/Beyond Silvered Pane (T&T dbl solo) $6.95
Caravan to Tiern (T&T solo) OOP
You can now get an official pdf version of it from DriveThruRPG
Case of the Pacific Clipper (MSPE solo) $8.95
Catacombs of the Bear Cult (T&T GM adventure) $3.95
Circle of Ice (T&T mini solo) OOP
Citybook I (Catalyst all-system frp aid) 14.95
Citybooks III, IV, V each= 11.95
(Note Citybook 2 and 6 are temporarily out of stock) Citybook VII OOS
City of Terrors (T&T solo) $8.95
Compleat Brigadier (miniatures rules) 19.95
Computer Generated T&T Characters $3.00
Corridor Dice (each) $1.50
Dargon's Dungeon OOP
Darksmoke, Isle of (T&T GM adventure) OOP
Dark Temple (T&T Solo) OOP
Death Dice (white, black, red, green, blue, yellow, ivory, transp. pink, orange, purple, black w/red spots, black w/yellow spots, white w/red spots) Gem Colors (transp. blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple, clear, smoke) pair =$1.50
Out of Gem Red and green.
Death Dice, glow in dark, lightning(spots glow- green, blue, yellow, purple), elemental ( jungle, desert) Pair = $2
Note: Out of the glow in dark, and the elemental earth, air, fire, & water)
Death Dice Tube of 5 (assorted colors) $4.50
Deathtrap Equalizer (T&T solo) $8.95
Decision Dice $2.95
Deep Delving (T&T Solo Adventure) 8.95
DewDrop Inn (T&T Solo Adventure) 11.95
Dice sets (in tube): Adventure, Monster, each) $7.50
(currently we are out of the Elemental and Rune dice sets)
Dice, Nuclear Misfunction OOS
Dice of Wrath OOP
Dien Bien Phu (board game in zip bag) OOP
Door Dice (each) $1.50
Dragon's Blood (T&T Solo and GM adventure) $8.95
Dungeon of the Bear (T&T GM Adventure) updated for Deluxe T&T $8.95
You can now get an official pdf version of it from DriveThruRPG
Dwarf World (T&T GM Adventure) $4.95
Elven Lords (signed & numbered T&T solo) OOP
Fiddleback Trilogy (Mike Stackpole's) 3 books $10.00
Flagship backissues: 1-3; 5-16 (each) $4.00
Flagship backissues: 17-25 (each) $6.00
Flying Buffalo Quarterly single issue $1.75
10 backissues $10
Flying Buffalo tshirt (L, XL) $14.95
XXL $16.95
Flying Machines (Ace of Aces) OOP
Fort Bevits, Lejentia Campgn Book 2 (Catalyst) 14.95
Four Jars of Mead (T&T solo) $4.95
Gamesmen of Kasar (T&T solo) $5.95
Gamesmen of Kasar/Mistywood (T&T dbl solo) $6.95
Goblin Crag (T&T adventure) OOP
Grimtooth's Dice of Doom OOS
Grimtooth's Dungeon of Doom $14.95
Grimtooth's Traps $14.95
Grimtooth's Traps Too $14.95
Grimtooth's Traps Fore $14.95
Grimtooth's Traps Ate $14.95
Grimtooths Traps Bazaar $14.95
Grimtooths Dungeon of Doom $14.95
Grimtooths Traps Lite ( temporarily out of stock)
Grimtooth Tshirt ( L, XL) OOP
Hit Location Die (temp out of print) $2.00
Ident-A-Kit (fingerprint kit for MSPE)(boxed) OOP
In The Ruins of the Ancients (Lost Worlds scen.) OOP
India/Pakistan War (Nuclear War bonus #2) $7.00
Jade Jaguar (MSPE solo) OOP
You can now get an official pdf version of it from DriveThruRPG
Jet Eagle (Ace of Aces) OOP
Knights of the Dinner Table Lost Worlds books (Knuckles, Teflon Billy, El Ravager, and Thorina) $8.95 each
Labyrinth OOP
You can now get an official pdf version of it from DriveThruRPG
Lejentia Campgn Bk 1: Skully's Harbor(Catalyst) 14.95
Lejentia Campgn Bk 2: Fort Bevits (Catalyst) 14.95
Lost Worlds: see below
Mage's Blood & Old Bones (T&T short stories) $7.95
Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes (box set) OOP
You can still buy everything that was in the box, without the box, for $20. Just order "MSPE Box set - no box"
Mike Stackpole's Fiddleback Trilogy (3 books) 10.00
Misty Wood (T&T solo) OOP
You can now get an official pdf version of it from DriveThruRPG
MSPE Rulebook only (modern roleplaying) $9.95
MSPE Special 39.95
Monster Dice Set $7.50
Monsters!Monsters $14.95
Monster Reaction Die $1.50
Mugshots I: Case of Pacific Clipper (MSPE solo) $8.95
Mugshots II: (Modern Maps & short MSPE solo-Taking Care of Business) $9.95
Naked Doom (T&T solo) 8.95
Naked Doom/Deathtrap (T&T dbl solo) $8.95
Nuclear Misfunction Dice (For Nuclear Escalation and Nuclear Proliferation) oop
(a six sider with a nuclear cloud instead of the "one" pip) Nuclear War 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Game OOP
Nuclear War Card Game Classic $29.95
Nuclear War Card Game 50th Anniversary edition $39.95
Nuclear War Population card deck (the "cut apart" kind) $3.00
Nuclear War Deluxe Population deck (the kind in the new 50th anniversary edition) $10.00
Nuclear War rules sheet (or NE or NP rules) $1.00
tell me in comments which one
Nuclear War spinner $4.00
Nuclear War Blank Deck (56 cards) $10
(So you can make up your own cards)
Nuclear War Bonus Pack #1 (9 new countries) $7.00
Nuclear War Bonus Pack #2 (India Pakistan War) $7.00
Nuclear War Booster Packs (8 new cards) OOP
Nuclear War Card - specific card $3.00
tell me in comments which one
Nuclear War Two Bonus Cards (Mad Scientist and Fold in Space). $3 each
NW Booster Pack Complete Card Set OOP
NW Booster Pack "almost complete" card set $30.00
(you'll get a bunch of the cards, but not a complete set, unfortunately)
Nuclear Escalation Card Game $29.95
Nuclear Proliferation Card Game 29.95
Nuclear War Computer game (IBM) on CD $10.00
(requires DOS)
Overkill OOP
PBM Phone Card (with 10 minutes of calls prepaid) (these are now expired)
PBM Phone Card - collectable card with no phone call time (there are two varieties, but sadly neither can be used for phone calls. There were only 1000 printed of each). $4
Pentantastar (fantasy board game) OOP
Pizza Dice Set OOP
Raid on Rajallapor (MSPE adventure) $4.95
Rat on a Stick (Judges Guild T&T GM adventure) $4.00
Red Circle (T&T solo) 8.95
Rune Dice Set OOP
Rune Dice Book (includes above dice set and dice pouch)OOP
Rune Dice Book, no dice $9.95
Sea of Mystery $8.95
Seven Challenges of Kartejan (T&T GM Adventure) $4.95
Sewers of Oblivion (T&T solo) OOP
You can now get an official pdf version of it from DriveThruRPG
Sorcerers Apprentice backissues: pkg of 3 OOP
Sorcerers Apprentice issue #11 $5.00
Sorcerers Apprentice issue #12 $5.00
Sorcerer Solitaire OOP
You can now get an official pdf version of it from DriveThruRPG
Starweb t-shirt (L, XL) 14.95
(XXL) 14.00
Stormhaven (MSPE GM adventure) $7.95
Strategy Mats for Nuclear War or NE, set $3.00
Strategy Mat set for Nuclear Proliferation $7.00
Supergerm Mousepad (with calculator) OOP
Supergerm Temporary Tattoo 50 cents
Supergerm Tshirt (L, XL) $14.95
XXL $16.95
Sword for Hire/Blue Frog Tavern (T&T dbl solo) $5.95
Sworded Adventure, A (T&T Solo Adventure) 8.95
Trap Dice (each) $1.00
Traps I $14.95
Traps Lite,(Catalyst aid) (temporarily out of stock)
Traps Too $14.95
Traps Fore $14.95
Traps Ate $14.95
Traps Bazaar $14.95
Traps Dungeon of Doom $14.95
Travellers Tale, A (T&T Solo Adventure) 8.95
Treasure Dice (each) OOP
Treasure Vault (Catalyst all-system aid) OOP
Trollstone Caverns: Silver Serpent $5.00
T&T t-shirt (L, XL) $14.95
(XXL) $16.95
Tunnels & Trolls Boxed Set (FRP game)(V5.5) OOS
Tunnels & Trolls rulebook only (V5.5) OOS
Tunnels & Trolls 30th Anniversary Edition (in tin box) OOP
T&T Pocket-sized rulebook (British edition) OOP
T&T Bonus Pack #1 (with Abyss) $9.95
T&T Computer Game (PC only) OOP
T&T Computer Game (PC Only) (needs DOS) On CD $9.95
T&T Computer Game Cluebook OOP
T&T Summer Special #1 (includes version 5.5 of the rules) (2 lb, 15 oz) OOS
T&T Summer Special #2 (1 lb, 13 oz) OOP
T&T World Map (in color) $5.00
Wargamers Information -12 issue sub (irregular) $3.00
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Nuclear War expansion
Weather Dice (each) $1.50
Weirdworld OOP
When the Cat's Away (T&T Solo) $8.95
Wilderness Encounter Book (Catalyst) OOP

Here is a list of all the LOST WORLDS items:
(Note: if a Lost Worlds item on this list is OOS, we may be planning to reprint it soon. Let us know that you want to order it.)
Airi Infernal Temptress(Japanese Hardcover) OOP
Airi live photo edition with DVD OOP
Aldra (Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Alice (Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Allyne (Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Amara Wintersword, woman in chainmail bikini with axe $8.95
Annelotte (Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Arafael the Angel (reprint) $7.50
Arcanthus the Sage (Reprint) $7.50
Azlana Darque, Sorceress with broadsword $8.95
Azlana Darque, in full color $20.00
Bitra, Man/spider (1%) OOP
Brimstone the fire giant $5.95
Cattleya Weapons Merchant(Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Cham Cham (from Samurai Shodown) $28.00
Chester the Jester w/baton and lead cap $7.50
Chiron,centaur with axe $5.95
Cimeree, Elfin Maid $5.95
Claudette: Lord of Thunder (Queens Blade/Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Cold Drake (dragon) (reprint) $7.50
Curse of the Tarbella (Adventure Pack) includes Wraith and Skeleton books, $5.95
Daniel the Pirate w/foil and pistol $7.50
Dinosaurs (series of 6) OOS but should be reprinted soon
Driataur (1%) OOP
Echidna (Japanese Hardcover) $25.00
Eilee the Sprite 7.50
El Ravager (KODT) $8.95
Elina Captain of the Royal Guard (Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Felina the Tiger Lady 7.50
Flaming Cherry $5.95
Gildersleeve the Dwarf with sword and horn (purple and yellow magic) $7.50
Gunslinger with whip and pistol (1%) OOP
Halfling with sword and shield (reprint) $7.50
Hill Troll with Club (reprint) $7.50
Horras the Hobgoblin OOS
Huit & Vingt (Japanese Hardcover) OOP
Ink Nijihara (Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Irma (Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Kasumi (Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Kharis, Mummy with mace $5.95
Knuckles (KODT) $8.95
Leina (Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Leina 3D (Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Lilli the Swashbuckler (two swords) $7.50
Lizard Man OOP
LunaLuna: Moon Shadow Dancer (Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
MacAber, highland warrior with claymore $5.95
Man in Chainmail (original) $5.95
Man in Plate with Sword and Shield $7.50
Man with Short Sword and Dagger (thief) (original) $5.95
Manticore (original) $5.95
Mattha, huntress of Denglade - see Shadis 28
Medusa $7.50
Melona: Shapeshifter (Queens Blade/Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Melpha (Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Menace Ancient Princess (Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Meresin, Dwarf with warhammer $8.95
Meresin IN FULL COLOR $19.95
Mina Majikina (Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Mischa Redblur, Ultra Sorceress $8.95
Mischa IN FULL COLOR $19.95
Mutant Hill Giant (with 3 arms) (1%) $8.95
Nanael Angel of Light(Japanese Hardcover) $25.00
Ninja with Ninjato $7.50
Nowa (Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Nyx (Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Oowell the Ghoul OOS
Othere, Djinn of distinction $5.95
Praxides,female gargoyle with spear $5.95
Risty (Japanese Hardcover) $30.00
Runesword (Bith, Cal, Endril, Hathor)each $4.00
Runesword Bonus Pack (includes the 4 Runesword books plus 2 Spell cards and 2 Gimmick cards) $14
Samurai with Katana $7.50
Shadis 28 (Veltigg, forest shade with great axe and wolfpack, and Mattha, huntress of Denglade with sword and spear) OOP
Sigui: Inquisitor (Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Sir Percival, Mounted Knight $5.95
Suchie Pai (QB) $28.00
Sylvestra the Wood Elf (reprint) $7.50
Skeleton (original) $5.95
Teflon Billy (KODT) $8.95
Thorina (KODT) $8.95
Tome of Red Magic $8.00
Tomoe (Japanese hardcover) $28.00
Treasure Hoard of the Cold Drake (Adventure pack. Scenario for miniatures and the Cold Drake LW book. Does not include a Cold Drake) OOP
Umslopagaas,scorpion man/mage $5.95
Unicorn (reprint) $7.50
Ursa the Bugbear w/morningstar and shield $7.50
Veltigg - See "Shadis 28"
Winged Gargoyle with sword (original) $5.95
Woman in scale w/sword and shield (reprint) $7.50
Woman with Quarterstaff (original) $5.95
Wraith with sickle (reprint) $7.50
Ymir (Japanese Hardcover) $28.00
Zocchi the Magician with dice bag $8.95
ZZZZ the Zombie $7.50
Lost Worlds Fantasy Cards, set A, B, C, D, E, F each $5.00
Set A=Red Spells & Items
Set B=Luck Cards & Weapons
Set C=More Luck & Weapons
Set D=Purple Spells & Tactics
Set E= Yellow Spells & Red Spells
Set F= 7 Amara cards (4 items, 1 tactic, 2 yellow spells) plus 6 assorted cards not in the other sets

Regular shipping, anywhere in the USA, $5per order.

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