Just a note to let you know our official stand on privacy and age limits.

AGE limits: there is no "adult" material on our website. There is no nudity, sex, or explicit violence. However our games are intellectually difficult, and intended for adults or young people who like a challenge. They are not intended for children. If you join one of our play by mail games, or purchase one of our games, and you are under 18 years of age, you agree that you have your parents permission to do this. If you are under 18, both you and your parents should be aware that most of our players are adults or at least high school age or above. They won't have any objection to a young person joining in the game, but they are from all walks of life and all over the world. We do no checking of backgrounds when someone joins a game, and the players may be exchanging emails or letters or phone calls. If your parents are at all uncomfortable with this, have them call our office (480-945-6917) and speak to me (Rick).

Next we do not send unsolicited "junk email". We have several email mailing lists, but we only put people on them if they ASK to be on them. And we take people off the list IMMEDIATELY if they ask. We find unsolicited junk email offensive.

Also: our web page does not grab email addresses automatically. We don't keep any information from you unless you give it to us voluntarily, and all we keep track of is information we need to do business with you. We do NOT sell or give this information to anyone else. (We keep track of your name, address, phone number, email address, credit card info, and what you have purchased from us. We are not interested in your birthdate, your income, your number of children, or when you next plan to buy a car.)

And: we check our webpage daily for credit card orders, and erase them from the server immediately after we read them. We do save the credit card number in case you want to order from us again in the future and want to reduce the risk of putting your number over the internet by just saying "use the same number I sent last time". But these numbers are not accessable from the internet. (We also accept orders over the phone, if you don't want to put your credit card number on the internet at all.)

Flying Buffalo Inc.
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Phone: 480-945-6917

Questions or comments, email rick at flying buffalo dot com

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