In October of 2011, I was asked to be the US Distributor of this impressive miniatures game. You can see the original German webpage at

In this game of science fiction strip mining, players land on a planet and try and grab as much ore as possible and take off before the game is over. Each player has tanks, boats, barges, mining equipment and a base ship at his disposal and will have to contend with the weather and the other miners. The game uses an action point allowance system and thus is dice free. Each player on his turn has a pool of points that he can divide in a variety of ways, putting all the points into one unit's movement or dividing them among several units. Each turn is timed so players have to think quickly, and once a move has been made it cannot be retracted.

It is very expensive to ship this heavy game from Germany, so I have arranged to have a few shipped in bulk, and you can buy them from me for $189 plus my usual $3 for postage.

If you want me to ship this game to Canada, make that $195 plus the usual $3 postage charge.

If you want me to ship it anywhere else, email me first and we will discuss it.

I plan to put up more information about the game soon as soon as I get it. 12 copies have been shipped to me and are here. I have already sold 8 of them! It comes in a very nice carrying case, and includes a color map.

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