T&T Adventures Japan Free RPG day module

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T&T is a big hit in Japan, so they have collected some of the T&T manga and adventures from Japan’s own TtT Magazine. With their help, they translated them into English, and present one of them here (one you can play solitaire) to give you a taste of how they RPG in Japan. They also used the original art from their magazine to make this feel even more authentic to what they publish in Japan for Tunnels & Trolls.
This Free RPG Game Day booklet, gives you a sample from their full-size T&T Adventures Japan book published in English by Flying Buffalo Inc. This free booklet includes the T&T Mini-Rules, pre-rolled characters, and never-before-published in the English solitaire adventure by T&T creator Ken St Andre. Plus a couple of sample manga pages that show you more about Tunnels & Trolls. So give it a try, and discover how they RPG in Japan!

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