Nuclear War 50th Anniversary board game Cover
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Nuclear War 50th Anniversary board game

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Doug Malewicki’s Nuclear War is still here 50 years after it was first released! This edition features full color art, cardstock player aids, and the classic Nuclear War Spinner.

Nuclear is a fast and furious game of nuclear destruction! Each player plays a country starting off with a certain amount of population. In the beginning during peace time, players play propaganda cards to get people to move to their country bolstering their population. But at some point, a player will push the button, and launch a warhead at an opponent. War starts, and soon megatons of warheads will be flying between countries decimating populations. When a player has lost the last of their population, they perform a final strike, launching all the missiles they have in their hand, this may cause another final strike! If someone manages to have some population left when every other player has been eliminated, they win! If all the players lose all their population, the everyone loses!


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