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Flying Buffalo

Solo Adventure 5: Dargons Dungeon

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The entrance stands high upon a sheer and forbidding cliff wall, accessible only by the narrowest of trails. After an afternoon of strenuous climbing you arrive before the large, rune-covered door to the dungeon. Steeling your nerve, you lead your party through the ominous portal.

Beyond is a small room, occupied by a glowing black sphere which floats before you, throbbing dully. With a chill, you realize that you are rootedto the ground - and the globe closes rapidly on you! You try to scream, but your throat is paralyzed. A voice echoes within your head.

"Welcome to the Four Gauntlets of Chromatic Doom, oh foolish one..."

The sphere engulfs you. For the first time, you wonder if this trip was such a good idea.