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Solo Adventure 12: Arena of Khazan

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Khazan, capital city of the Empire of Khazan is also sometimes known as the City of  Death. It takes its name and reputation from its ruler Lerotra’hh the Death Empress  of Khazan. Khazan was founded and built by a mighty wizard of the same name.  It flourished under his benevolent rule for 666 years until it was attacked by the Orcish  and Trollish hordes of Lerotra’hh. Khazan is one of the largest cities on the continent  of Rrr’lff with a sizable population of Orcs, Trolls, Ogres, Dwarves, and other beings  generally considered as Monsters by the human inhabitants of such places as Khosht.   But the reign of terror has mellowed over the years until now most of the bloodletting takes place in the Arena.  This new edition includes new dT&T options, more art, pre-rolled opponents and pre-rolled characters you can use, along with a full-color map of the Trollworld and  the City of Khazan.