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Flying Buffalo

Solo Adventure 16: Mistywood

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The drunken nobleman in the Kasaran brothel had insulted and attacked you, so you spilled his guts in self-defense. But how were you to know that the perfumed young rake was the only son and heir of Grand Duke Karl Bronzo, the Tyrant of Kasar? You were lucky to escape as the furious noble's servitors turned the city upside down in their efforts to capture you. You fled eastward until fatigue compelled you to stop here in Burnley, on the border of the legend-haunted Mistywood. 

Nothing but weariness would have made you stop here either, in this run­down and ramshackle excuse for a town. At least the inn was still open, but at midnight an awful howling outside wakes you from a nightmare in which a hideous, dog-faced demon pursued you through some black and evil forest whose leafless branches clawed, groped, and gashed at you. 

No one knows what horrors lurk in the heart of the Mistywood -but with the Duke's men hot on your heels, you have no choice but to journey there!