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Flying Buffalo

Solo Adventure 17: Gamemen of Kasar

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The proclamation has gone out...

Hear ye, hear ye, adventurers one and all! Will you attempt The Game, a competition like none before? Are you fast enough to dodge razor-sharp blades? Are you quick enough to evade the fangs of giant serpents? Are you brave enough to venture through a gauntlet of doom that will challenge every fiber of your being, strain every portion of you beyond any point it has gone before; exhaust you, then force you to press on even further? Only the strong, the quick, and the courageous have any hope of facing The Game.

Can you collect the reward: Your weight in gold! Are you reckless enough to enter The Game, and smart enough to achieve victory? Are you a winner.. or a coward?"

Let those who dare,  enter the contest offered by the Gamesmen of Kasar!