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Flying Buffalo

Solo Adventure 18: Beyond the Wall of Tears

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Wthout warning, the evil creatures came from their shadowy land and kidnapped your little sister.  Now she is imprisoned in a dream-world of hideous monsters and terrifying dangers, helpless and vulnerable to the sinister wills of her captors.  Her only hope rests with you. To save your sister, you must undergo the mystical “Dream-walking” ritual and face the most frightening denizens of your own nightmares. Can you survive the terrors of the Dark Path, the deadly heat of the Sparkling Desert, and the twisted welcome from the strange inhabitants of the Iron City of Cantahf? If you succeed, you will reunite your family and retrieve the rare treasures of a forbidden world. If you fail, only death and the mocking laughter of the Dark Lords Ballaha will reward you.  Sleep now, and journey...