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Solo Adventure 21: Red Circle

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Can you defeat the nomadic marauders of the Red Circle?

Just hearing the name sends a chill down your spine. No one is quite certain why these normally friendly, tribal nomads have become savage raiders, but the bloody evidence of their marauding can be seen throughout the region. This would not normally disturb you, but your wanderings have drawn you into the besieged holding of Baron Valdemar.

The Baron doesn't seem to be that bad a sort, but the folks in his employ lack certain manners. The Baron makes you an offer: eliminate the raiders, and he'll make you richer than you could possibly imagine.

Sounds too good to be true? It probably is. Though the Baron forgets to mention it, you'll soon discover his offer has a number of 'fine print' clauses that spell danger for any adventurer foolish enough to accept it. The Baron doesn't really worry about that though, because your only alternative to accepting his offer is death.

But who wants to live forever anyway? If you do, you'd best keep away from the

Red Circle