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Flying Buffalo

Solo Adventure 25: Adventurers Compendium

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Herein are solitaire and GM adventures for use with Tunnels & Trolls. You'll need a copy of the rules to play.

This 88-page collection of rare mini-solos and GM Adventures from the Tunnels & Trolls archives will take you on swashbuckling, mystical mayhem through the streets of Khazan, the seaside docks of Gull, and the frozen realm of the Circle of Ice. Then descend into the hidden depths of Trollworld in search of gold and glory.

The Tunnels & Trolls Adventures Compendium include:

Nine previously out-of-print mini-solos by Ken St. Andre, Michael Stackpole, Liz Danforth & Paul Creelman.

Three GM Adventures by Michael Stackpole, Liz Danforth, and Paul Ryan O'Connor

Rare and new art by Rob Carver, Steve Crompton, and Liz Danforth

Plus a look back at Sorcerer's Apprentice, some Troll Teasers, and a new GM Treasure Generator by Ken St. Andre.