Front Cover of Grimtina’s Guard
Flying Buffalo

Solo Adventure 28: Grimtina’s Guard

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You have been summoned to Grimtooth the Troll’s office in his massive castle. The big blue troll sits regally on his throne of hewn cobalt. Standing at his right hand is his little sister Grimtina.

“Grunt,” growls the troll, I’ve got a special job for you. Grimtina has been called to visit our goddess mother in her temple beyond the Forest of Doom. On the way, she has to pick up some magical ingredients that can be found in the forest. I want you to go along and protect her from any dangers she may encounter.”

“This lout protect me?” quipped the lithe trollette. “Ha! What he really means, is that you are going along to carry things for me. I’ll try to protect YOU if anything bad comes along!” 

And so begins your solitaire adventure.  

Are you up for the challenge?