Front Cover of Catalyst Series: Grimtooth's Traps Bazaar
Back Cover of Catalyst Series: Grimtooth's Traps Bazaar
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Catalyst Series: Grimtooth's Traps Bazaar

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It's a Grand Opening and you're invited! (Or Else...)

That's right, due to popular demand, Grimtooth has just opened his Traps Bazaar! It's a showplace for those small, hard-to-find traps that Gamemasters just love to use on greedy adventurers.

Grimtooth and his minions have chosen the best item they could salvage from the untold numbers of now dead trespassers who dared to sneak into his dungeons. Trespassers who brought in their own equipment to try to outsmart his infamous Traps in vain attempts to steal from Grimtooth. Now we make the best of their gear available to you... for a price. Give your unsuspecting adventurers the Cy-Bear Trap, Mesmer-eyes, the Universal Respirator, the Bowling Balls of Boom, or any of the many other trapped items awaiting you in Grimooth's Bazaar.

This book describes over 100 of these unique trapped, cursed, and tricky items for use in your role-playing games. Amaze your adventurers, petrify your players and amuse yourself with this book, and a visit to Grimooth's Traps Bazaaar today!