The Amulet of the Salkti and Arena of Khazan (Corgi Edition)

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A Tunnels and Trolls Two-in-One Adventure
Deep beneath your home town of Freegore, an ancient evil rises from the dark dungeons of old time. Somewhere below you, in corridors cloaked in perpetual darkness, past bloody and merciless guardians, lies the Amulet of the Salkti, the only talisman that will avert the evil of the risen demon, Sxelba the Slayer! Will you find it before Sxelba lays all to waste?

Khazan, City of Death, where the dark sands of the arena are saturated with the blood of slick swordsmen and crafty magicians, where men are made to do battle against the inhuman hordes of Orcs, Trolls, Ogres and Dwarves under the cold eyes of Khara Khang, Khazan's merciless ruler. Will you survive to win fame and fortune where others have perished?
Find out in this Two-in-One Adventure Book, with complete, easy-to-play rule system.

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