The Vaults of K'Horror (GM Adventure)

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West of Khazan along the southern coast lie the blighted lands of the Skeleton Men. A thousand years before the rise of Lerotra'hh, they had their own empire, ruled by sorcerer kings who fell into dark practices that turned them into vampire lords. That empire fell when the great wizards of Trollworld banded together to stop the vampiric plague spreading out from the city of K'Horror.
Now the undead threat is rising again. Adventurers have learned of the ancient tombs and undead sanctuaries. Enterprising skeleton men like your guide, Slimius, now lead adventurers to the entrances of such tombs, barred from entering themselves, but perfectly willing to share the treasure with those who can face the undead terrors in the Vaults of K'horror. Are you up to the challenge of robbing vampires in their own lairs?
Vaults of K'Horror is a full-size 88 page Gamemaster adventure complete with maps, characters, and background material, all statted for Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls. This book also includes the 13 page T&T Mini-Rules which allows you to run this adventure. Plus a bonus 17 page solitaire adventure in K'Horror by Ken St Andre.

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